The Impulsive Buy: Episode #2

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Week in Reviews Links:

Japanese Snack Review’s review of the Veggie Taberu Snacks

Grub Grade’s review of the Toasty Bullets from Quiznos

Freezer Burns’ review of Dwight Yoakam’s Take ‘Ems Macaroni Mouth Poppers

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19 thoughts to “The Impulsive Buy: Episode #2”

  1. Hey Marvo glad you recovered from talking about those cupcakes! 😀 Thank you for talking about some of my favorite sites (Grubgrade & Freezerburns!) 😀

    If Taco Bell takes you up on your offer remember us little people!

    Another great episode! Again I can’t wait till next Sunday!
    Keep up the great work.
    (You think I used enough “!” in this comment lol)

  2. Thanks Marvo! These videos you’re doing are well done. Keep it up…(I guess that could be taken in a couple of ways because of all the boner references in this ep…haha)

  3. Genius! Volcano Volcano Salad spewing Lava Sauce….I want this right now….and it’s breakfast!

    “Sweet creamed myself” Hahahhaha. What would “double chocolate devoting” yourself be?

    Hehehehe, I’m the same way….I totally want to mess with my kids….no, not in a weird way…but as the parent you’ve the right to tell them spinach will make them like Popeye….or eating marshmallow will kill the Staypuff Man.

    RYAN!!! Shout out! and THE Frozen Food Mastah!!!!

    No thanks on the sugar water flavored with a tea bag. I’m loving the new video podcast. Great job Marvo.

    Love the shirt! I’ll get around to getting one of those myself some day 😛

  4. Another great episode. Your “sweet creaming” was very convincing. Keep it up! (er…the vlog, not the public creaming displays)

  5. I love your vlog! Okay, granted that I don’t watch any others. It’s awesome that you’ve come out of the shadows and it turns out you are congruous with what your writing persona is like. It takes longer to watch a video than to read a review but it’s worth it and good work pitting it together!

  6. Otherwise than Freezer Burns, I usually pass on video blogs….. However, very well done Marvo. I mean, I am wondering how many takes you did before the final cut?

  7. @Erin Brooks: I will remember you little people. What was your name again?

    @Ryan: No, thank you for letting me use those images.

    @Bear Silber: Double Chocolate Devotion? Let’s just say it won’t be fun cleaning it up.

    @Tony: Public creaming displays = possible arrest

    @wyn: I’ve been trying to get each episode down to under five or six minutes. It’s still longer than the time it takes to read a review, but even I think seven minutes is a little too long. I’ll get there someday.

    @WIBIA: Honestly, it takes about 90 minutes to shoot everything because I usually practice each segment a few times before actually do it.

  8. Sorry, yellow is not your color, my friend. It detracts from your Marvo-liciousness.

    (And you don’t have to hold back anymore, you’re not in prison anymore and you don’t have to worry about the other prisoners “bothering” you.)

  9. I think the part about the Coldstone cupcakes and your response lends a whole new definition to the concept of “food porn”, and, yeah, I was feeling it, too. I want them so bad!

    Also, I liked the yellow. 🙂

  10. it always behooves why more people with a half way decent voice don’t use videos instead of text on their blog as you’ve started doing. Text can be misconstrued in so many ways. Videos are more conversational. Also, those graphics and their transitions are great.

  11. OK you are the King of Pod Casts! I don’t know that I have ever reviewed anything that I would Sweet Cream myself digitally for. I bow to you (and pass a tissue because I gots your back)

    BTW make that 3 people who got the Dwight Yoakam references (there may be a song or two on my iPod…)

  12. @Orchid64: I thought about being a little more graphic with it, but my brother will watch it and I don’t want to permanently scar him.

    @RONW: I think people don’t do it because they just don’t know how or they think it’s hard and time consuming, which I’ll admit it can be, but if they were to keep it simple, it can be really easy. I don’t keep it simple and it takes about 10 hours for me to complete an episode. But I REALLY enjoy creating things, whether it be a blog post or a video, so I don’t think of those 10 hours as a chore.

    @Gigi: Admit it. You have his entire collection.

  13. Another great episode. I think the sweet creaming was funny! I cant wait until your next video. Stay hott.

  14. Oh Marvo….I’m so glad I know what your sweet creaming yourself face looks like.

  15. @Gigi: You must at least have his “Best of” collection.

    @Shannon: I will stay hottt…and I added an extra T because it’s the summer time.

    @Natalie: Are you sure? It’s not very pretty.

  16. not kidding….but it use to take me almost 2-hrs. securing my motorbike lift under my bike to work on it just to be sure it wouldn’t huli huli on me (fear does to you). However, now it takes me 2-minutes flat for the same setup.

  17. Oh Marvo, you da MAN! There is not much of anything I would watch online for seven minutes (that’s why I have a teevee, you know), but the time just flies by watching you…

    And hey, Dwight Yoakam was in ‘Sling Blade,’ too!

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