Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

Seriously, Mountain Dew? Is this purple soda your way of teasing us Mountain Dew Pitch Black lovers? Just bring it back already. Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with high fructose corn syrup on top. (via BevReview)

I have one of these in my fridge. It’s been sitting in there for over six months. I hope it gets better with time. (via ED Junkie)

Chocolate shaped like Lego? I know how to stop the big bad wolf from blowing down my house. Instead of blowing it down, he’ll eat the chocolate, then get sick from it and then I’ll blow him away with Lady Gaga blasting from huge ass speakers. (via Candy Blog)

With the number of meals Lean Cuisine introduces every year, mathematically, they eventually had to combine bacon with alfredo. (via Yum Yucky)

Something named Jungle Joose that tastes bad? Doesn’t all jungle juice taste bad? (via Possessed by Caffeine)

6 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 8/15/2009”

  1. OMG I loved Mountain Dew Pitch Black! Thanks for making me think it was returning with the huge picture, Marvo.

  2. Mountain Dew Pitch Black was awesome and there can be no imitation. That being said, the new Ultra Violet is one of the most spectacular diet sodas I’ve ever met.

  3. I cannot tell you how exciting the chocolate legos are! This is what I thought the Ferrero Rocher Duplos or whatever they were a few weeks ago would be! My dreams are almost fulfilled. Except of course for the tasteful chocolate color of the chocolates instead of the primary colors they should be.

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