The Impulsive Buy: Episode #4

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Show Notes:

This week we report on a new Yoplait dessert, a new Gillette razor that’s not really new, and a men’s scrubber to spank your stank. For our week in reviews we look back at reviews from Gigi Reviews, Heat Eat Review and Freezer Burns. And a 60 second review on the Ball Park Angus Beef Franks.

Length: 6:29

Week in Reviews Links:

Gigi’s reviews of the Dreyer’s Limited Edition Root Beer Float and Fun Flavors Cherry Chocolate Chip.

Heat Eat Review’s review of the Kid Cuisine Twist & Twirl Spaghetti Meal.

Freezer Burns’ review of Klondike Bars.

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Other photos via and Wikimedia Commons

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33 thoughts to “The Impulsive Buy: Episode #4”

  1. Because I’m hopped up on various cold medicines and don’t know why I’m still awake, I wrote comments as I watched the video.

    I see that you’re keeping it casual in the video. I miss the suit, though I guess this is normal Marvo.

    Are those female screams recorded from your daily life? I mean, you do have a pack of screaming girls chasing you all the time, right?

    Wash towel? I always say wash cloth..what does the rest of the world say? I’d like to poll here.

    I used to beg my parents to buy kid cuisine, but they said they were too expensive and unhealthy

    I also used to beg for klondike bars…but those were too expensive and unhealthy also. God, my parents were nazis.

    I need to know where you get your dresses and tiaras from. Do you have a female relative or girlfriend whose closet you raid every so often for TIB purposes or do you buy one from a thrift store?

    Another great video, Marvo. Thanks for keeping the internet rockin’ at midnight.

  2. Marvo you are so awesome! Yay you made me smile! 😀 I am ready to get you portrait done today, you sure you don’t want me to add the dress and tiara? 😛

    Another great job Marvo. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hahahha, fantastic!!!!

    Screw all the haters….do what you do man. @Neil….go elsewhere. If you don’t like it there is no need to comment as such…it’s only spreads negativity.

    @Natalie – Wash rag…or wash cloth….yeah, not wash towel 🙂

    I can’t believe they’re thinking they’ll sell an significant amount of logoed razors.

    Nice job on all the good mentions of other’s reviews.

    Too funny on the’re a braver man than me…or women….or Lady Gaga…..or….well…actually for a Klondyke (sic) I’d do it too!

    @Zac – Hahahah. Seriously?

  4. All straight boys want to do is dress like a girl. I bet we will be seeing more of Marva!

  5. Marvo!! You are awesome. I laughed three times in six minutes–versus zero times in the nine other hours I spent looking at stuff on the internet today.

  6. @yawnie: Okay, makeup and wardrobe by yawnie.

    @Natalie: I think that kind of female screaming can only come from girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. As for the women’s clothes, I have a closet I can raid, also public dryers I can steal from. 😉

    @Tunnelman: I will.

    @The Frozen Food Master: I am one ugly diva.

    @Erin Brooks: I can superimpose them on the drawing.

    @Neil: You are entitled to your own opinion, but do you feel the need to also let me know about it. Well, at least you didn’t say, “not funny at all.”

    @Zac Pritcher: Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was alone.

    @Bear Silber: Sadly, it is on the Internet and it will be there forever.

    @Chuck: Thanks, Chuck!

    @Phil: Thanks!

    @grinder: Maybe, because I look hot with a unibrow.

    @cybele: I would but I need alcohol and prescription medication. The alcohol is easy, but the prescription medication might be a little tough to get.

    @LaneO: Ugh. Kobe beef is ruined, even though I have never tried it. Maybe I should try it this weekend.

    @Q: I haven’t fully developed yet.

    @Neil: You’re absosmurfly right. I’m no Dennis Miller. Of course, I’m no Dennis Miller. I didn’t spend years behind the SNL Weekend Update desk. I didn’t have a show on HBO. I didn’t have a show on MSNBC. I wasn’t in the broadcast booth for Monday Night Football.

    @Jay: But I think I can run for Congress.

    @Shannon: I look good in lime green.

    @Rosa: Thank you!

  7. That was awesome Marvo!
    @Natalie my parents were the same way but we got chef boyardee only because it was cheap. There were no frozen meals. 🙁

  8. If that’s what your willing to do for a Klondike bar I wanna know what happens when people are willing to buy you shots!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  9. Haha you in a dress was pretty funny! I’ve had both those ice creams. I didn’t care for the rootbeer float one either. It tasted like fake rootbeer! The cherry one wasen’t so bad though. My son likes Kid cuisine but I’ve never tasted one before. Now I don’t think I ever will. It was compared to chef boy r dee and I don’t like bland spagetti!

  10. Best episode yet!!! Seriously, Marvo, great job… these podcasts just keep getting better every week!

    I could swear that Yoplait already had a product like this “new” one, a few years back… but maybe that was Dannon; I don’t remember for sure… they all kind of start to look the same after a while.

    Okay, after *that* stunt, you DEFINITELY should have won the Freezerburns contest, if you would do *that* for a Klondike bar! Thanks for the laugh; I seriously needed that. 🙂 And to think that at first, at the start of the video, I was disappointed that you didn’t try to “top” last week’s podcast (when you wore the suit)… little did I know what was coming… 🙂

    I also remember begging my parents to buy me Kid Cuisine meals when I was a child… although I’m not entirely sure *why* I wanted them, as I don’t especially remember *liking* them.

    Great show! Can’t wait for next week. 🙂

  11. Wow. Looking at you in a dress was repulsive yet it also made me horny. (Maybe it is the allergy meds I am taking like tic tacs.)

  12. dude, can you do a podcast with the video review? or have you done one and i’ve just been in a sugar coma?

  13. I just realized you look like a grown up version of that kid from the movie “Up.” I’m also waiting for you to start dressing up in costumes. Cowboy Marvo, please!

  14. Marvo, I have been lapsed from blog-reading (addicted to Facebook, as it’s otherwise known) and have returned to the fold to find VIDEOS! WOW. Impressive, especially the screamin’ girls.

    And those yogurts are puzzling. They’re not fooling me as a dessert, and they’re too sugary to be lunch. Damn you, Yoplait!

  15. While somewhat premature, the Valentine’s Day video should be done topless and with heart-shaped nipple tassels.

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