Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

Iron Chef Morimoto has a line of beers. No, they don’t have fish heads, fish eggs, seaweed or the need for a translator. (via Belching Monkey)

Swank Mechanical Pencil? With a shape like that, they should call it Shank Mechanical Pencil. (via Dave’s Mechanical Pencils)

Why am I not surprised a product with the word “hardcore” in its name is shaped like a dildo? (via ED Junkie)

The Black Jack Gunpowder Green Energy Tea tastes like there’s actual gunpowder in it. (via Everyview)

Hey look! More Taco Bell crap that looks exactly like other Taco Bell crap! (via We Rate Stuff)

3 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 9/5/2009”

  1. ARGH! I was just in Oregon and had NO IDEA that two of my favorite things, Rogue Beer and Morimoto had come together!!! And now it is too late… Would it have been better to never have known at all???

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