Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

Vegetable Juice Kit Kat? Oh, Japan! Is there anything you won’t turn into a flavor of Kit Kat? (via Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog)

Oh Neutrogena, you and Clearasil made my high school years a little less pimply, although my slightly clearer skin couldn’t move me up the popularity totem pole. (via Review Spew)

I believe I am required by Asian pride to post Pajiba reviews of movies with an Asian cast. (via Pajiba)

If only scientists could come up with a way to turn candy corn into ethanol, then we wouldn’t have to eat it. (via Candy Blog)

But if they can’t turn it into ethanol, I hope they’re able to turn it into generic Fritos corn chips, because I’ll eat that. (via Cheap Eats)

Dear Hardee’s: Your Big Mac-competing Big Hardee is large and artery clogging, but I think you’re the only fast food chain with the cojones to sell a burger that uses beef patties as buns. Please make this happen. Thank you. (via Would I Buy It Again)