The Impulsive Buy: Episode #8

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Show Notes:

This week, we let you know about Jones Soda Company’s latest disgusting flavor, a new Easy Mac cup flavor for your broke asses, and a limited edition holiday ice cream flavor from Haagen Dazs. For our week in reviews we look back at reviews from Japanese Snack Reviews and Everyview. And we have a 60 second review about an unadventurous snack. Plus primate footage.

Length: 4:59

Week in Reviews Links:

Japanese Snack Review’s Coca-Cola Plus with Fiber review

Everyview’s McDonald’s Flying Cow review

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Other photos via and Wikimedia Commons.

Bunny hat provided by San’s Little Frog

16 thoughts to “The Impulsive Buy: Episode #8”

  1. The flying cow sounds so good and I never heard of this invention before. Good to know so when I am in a drunk induced state and happen to be by a McD’s I might indulge in this delight. 🙂

    I gotta go now to become a fan on FB so I poke @marvo really really really hard. 🙂

  2. Hi Bunny!

    After you poop out your tasty ramen do cute little BBs come out your posterior?

  3. Weird mental picture of an episode of Dora exploring your digestive tract. It reminded me of the southpark episode with lemiwinks

  4. couldn’t poke you on face book, because it’s only a fan page…

    so I’m poking you HARD here,

    thx for your great site mate

  5. Marvo, maybe the best one yet! Reverse cowgirl was…really special…?

    Also, the “flying cow” has been floating around for a while now, but some know it more commonly as the “McGangbang”. Possibly NSFW, but whatever.

  6. @J.J.: I just learned ano is anus is Espanol. Thanks Dora the Explorer!

    @NobleArc, The Lazy Canadian: I want to try it too. Once I accumulate enough loose change in my couch, I will try it.

    @lefa: Dammit! I thought people could poke me. I guess it’s back to paying for it.

    @A.: I prefer McGangbang, and if I review it, I think I’ll call it that instead of Flying Cow.

  7. “It’s like Pepperidge Farms wants to ruin the only thing I liked about being a boyscout”
    (except for the circle jerk, right?)

    The deep throating candy cane photo was very special.

    Love the video reviews Marvo. Keep it up!

    Love, Gimmeyummy

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