THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 11/21/2009

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

When I look at the Japanese Royal Milk Tea Kit Kat box, all I can think about are the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. (via Japanese Snack Reviews and Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog)

I love the color of this matcha milk chocolate candy bar because it reminds me of those small plastic green army men I used to blow up with firecrackers. (via Pocky Watch)

Doesn’t something called Montezuma’s Acid Zest sound like a product that causes Montezuma’s Revenge? (via Jim’s Chocolate Mission)

Pitting a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with any other peanut butter cup is like having a real monster truck go against a Hot Wheels toy. Something will get smashed. (via Second Rate Snacks)

And now for something that’s not candy — a review of canned corned beef hash. (via Cheap Eats)

5 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 11/21/2009”

  1. It’s your fault, Marvo– I bought my very first can of Hormel Corned Beef Hash today after reading that link. I’m wary… but interested. Sort of like how I felt around my ex, only I’m less likely to want to vomit 😉

  2. I’ve never had to knock on wood
    And I’m glad I haven’t yet
    Because I’m sure it isn’t good
    that’s the impression that I get

  3. @Jim: No problem! And thanks!

    @Diana: I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it. Remember to make them a little crisp. It’s makes it a little better.

    @Chuck: That was the song that got me hooked on the Bosstones, although it’s not my favorite song of theirs. MMB is one of my favorite bands, and they have a new album coming out next month. Yay!

    @Yum Yucky: I have lots of battle wounds from the things I eat. They mostly come in the form of dimples on my ass cheeks when I sit down.

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