The Impulsive Buy: Episode #10

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Show Notes:

This week, I eat wasabi straight from the tube. Ben & Jerry’s has another new flavor and more Special K products to make you get skinny. Our Week in Reviews look back at reviews from Gigi Reviews, Soda Giant and Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog. And we have a 60 second review about all-natural bunny cereal.

Length: 7:12

Week in Reviews Links:

Gigi Reviews’ Candy Cane Pop Rocks review

Soda Giant’s GAMER Soda review

Jen Ken’s Kit Kat Blog’s Wasabi Kit Kat review

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Other photos via and Wikimedia Commons.

6 thoughts to “The Impulsive Buy: Episode #10”

  1. Thanks for the love!

    Now about the wasabi… All I am going to say is that I have been known to eat it on EVERYTHING (try it on pepperoni pizza) and yes, I will and have eat it on it’s own, in large amounts. The sad thing is I do not find it to be that hot.

  2. I wanna know where one can this gamer soda. My friends love to taste it.

    Marvo, be glad you don’t live in Rochester, NY! It’s cold here!

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