THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 12/12/2009

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

The Cheetos Giant White Cheddar Snowballs have a yellow hue. They will now be known as Cheetos Pee. (via X-Entertainment)

Never mind that the Euro is stronger than the US dollar. While the US has a 100 Grand Bar, the UK has candy worth much more. (via Chocolate Mission)

Can’t afford real lobster? Then purchase one of the least expensive lobster flavored products on the planet. (via Dave’s Cupboard)

A creme brulee chocolate bar that doesn’t taste like creme brulee or burnt sugar. Would a blowtorch to it help? (via Foodstuff Finds)

Yes, the two fruits I imagine when I think of “xtreme” are strawberry and guava. (via Screaming Energy)

No words can describe how I feel about a Big Mac Snack Wrap. (via Grub Grade)

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