Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

I’m disappointed Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans won’t turn my mouth red like actual Hawaiian Punch does. How else am I going to look like a Twilight fanboy? (via ZOMG Candy)

A Tip for Guys: I’m pretty sure giving heart-shaped Peeps to your sweetheart will not get you laid. (via Gigi Reviews)

I believe the Keebler Elves make their cookies to fatten humans so that we’re nice and plump when they eat us. I think one human could feed the whole tree. (via We Rate Stuff)

Hot damn! Kim Chi Cheetos! (via The Japanese Snack Food Review)

I once had a shot called German Death. All I need is the Irish Death Ale, French Death Champagne and Spanish Death Sangria to complete my journey along the European Road to Alcohol Poisoning. (via TBQ)

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