Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

It’s Girl Scout cookie buying season again, unless you’re the parent of an underachieving Girl Scout, then it’s Make-Room-In-The-Freezer-Because-You’re-Going-To-Be-Buying-A-Lot-Of-Girl-Scout-Cookies season. (via Gigi Reviews)

Del Monte now has a ready-to-blend fruit smoothie product for people who are too lazy to cut up fruits. But what about people like me who are too lazy to open the container it’s in? (via Supermarket Eats)

The Facebook Vitamin Water is now available. So instead of drowning in Mafia Wars, Farmville, horoscope, and Bejeweled Blitz posts in my Facebook news feed, I can now drown myself in Facebook Vitamin Water. (via Foodette Reviews)

Taco Bell takes one step closer to creating a taco for every animal legally possible. I hope the next is ostrich tacos. (via Gigi Reviews and Hamburger Calculus)

Crystal Light has freezer pops, which I assume can be turned into regular Crystal Light if I let them melt. (via I Ate A Pie)

3 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 3/20/2010”

  1. There’s a place in Pasadena, California I believe that sells tacos and burritos made from “exotic” meats like ostrich. I forget the name and don’t really care enough to google it, but I remember that the ostrich taco was pretty nasty.. and I like ostrich.

  2. @Orchid64: That is something I would not wish for.

    @Francois: I’ve had ostrich before, but I usually don’t eat animals that run faster than I do. That’s why I avoid dogs, horses, deer and tauntauns.

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