Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

There’s a gummy candy that looks like plastic green army men. They may look like plastic green army men, but will it hurt and cause me to curse like a sailor if I accidentally stepped on them? (via Candyblog)

I hope the Zombie Blood Energy Potion isn’t the beginning of an influx of zombie-related energy drinks. You don’t think that can happen. Six words: Zombie movies and zombie video games. (via Caffeine Critic and ED Junkie)

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young has an energy drink and it sucks. Too bad there isn’t a Joe Montana energy drink to make us forget about it. (via Screaming Energy)

Cherry Vanilla Pepsi is a new Pepsi flavor that combines two old Pepsi flavors. It’s like a Franken-Pepsi. (via BevReview and Soda Giant)

Three words: Freeze-dried meals. (via Review Spew)

4 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 5/22/2010”

  1. You didn’t mention this, but have you seen the ads for Taco Bell’s new $2 meal deals…doritos and a drink with a couple different choices of menu item. Are they $3 in Hawaii too?

    The commercials in Alaska are all lies. They’re $3 meal deals, I’m paying a dollar for each item..not getting anything for free.

  2. @Zac Pritcher: No problem.

    @Natalie: If it’s $3 in Alaska, I’m pretty sure it’s $3 in Hawaii. Your commercials don’t have a “Prices vary in Hawaii” placed over it?

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