Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

There’s an energy drink that comes in a bottle that looks like a fire extinguisher. Does it also come in a bigger size that looks like a fire hydrant? (via Caffeine-A-Holic)

Dr Pepper with real sugar isn’t really impressive. But Dr Pepper curing an illness would be. (via Gigi Reviews)

Japan now has Orange M&M’s. It makes sense since Japan is also known for having people with orange hair. (via Japanese Snack Reviews)

Necco knows how to tug at the tummies of little girls with their Twilight Sweethearts candies, which have saying like “Bite Me”, “Live 4 Ever” and “Team EC” printed on them. I thought Sweethearts candies were gross by themselves, but it turns out, with the right sayings on them, they get even more disgusting. (via Candyblog)

Krispy Kreme has a Limited Edition Cheerwine Kreme Filled Doughnut. I have no clue what Cheerwine is and I’m too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia, so I’m going to assume, if I drink it, it will turn my face red and make a drunk Lindsay Lohan appear to be better looking than she really is. (via Hamburger Calculus)

6 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 7/17/2010”

  1. There’s something rather funny about you mentioning orange hair in a link to my blog since I have strawberry blond hair which looks, well, “orange” – not the weird shade of orange people get from dying it in Japan, but it is a mix of yellow and red.

    I actually like Japanese women who dye their hair weird shades of red. I think it compliments their coloring better than black, unless they’re one of those Morticia Adams types who avoid the sun and slather on sun block such that their skin is a whiter shade of pale. I seriously need to get pictures of the way women walk around with a visor totally covering their faces and wearing black “arm stockings” to keep the sun off their skin.

    Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. 🙂 People say I look like Morticia Addams without the black hair and considering she’s a cute little thing I’d find it to be a compliment. I’d still rather see a Japanese girl keep her natural hair color. In many small towns you don’t see anything but black hair anyway. I used to make fun of them being afraid of the sun, but considering I know many who never were that careful who ended up with skin cancer I have really come to embrace skin that hasn’t been tainted by the sun. In fact my mediterranean-ness really came out by the time I got back from Japan. I used to be tan with blond hair but I’ve found that the darker hair and lighter skin from staying out of the sun does keep me looking like a teenager. Anywho, that energy drink would be fun to buy to make up some gift basket of weird stuff.

  3. Cheerwine is a regional cherry-flavored soft drink that is made in North Carolina (since 1917!). We are also the home of Krispy Kreme. You can find Cheerwine mostly just in the South, and interestingly, Norway. And they make all kinds of Cheerwine flavored things, like ice cream, cakes, and apparently now doughnuts (which just sounds gross).

  4. @Orchid64: I really dislike that style in Japan which involves women getting super tanned, almost orange. When I see tourists looking like that, I kind of freak out.

    @mo: Too bad the nozzle is just for show. It would be cool if we could shake the energy drink and then shoot it out of the nozzle.

    @megs in NC: I’m disappointed Cheerwine isn’t actually wine. Although, it’s easy to add wine. I wonder if people use Cheerwine as a mixer.

    1. Ha! I’m pretty sure that there are untold numbers of Cheerwine cocktails invented on college campuses across the state on a regular basis. We have another regional soft drink called Sun Drop — have you heard of that one? It’s more citrus-y, like a cross between Mountain Dew and Mello-Yello. For some reason, very popular among farmers.

      1. I haven’t heard of Sun Drop. But I think I know why it’s popular among farmers. It’s because they want to please the sun gods so that their crops may grow. I bet farmers also enjoy a beverage that has the word “rain” in it. 🙂

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