Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

Kawaii!!! Totemo kawaii!!! (via Candyblog and Snack Love)

Baconnaise = disgusting. Lite mayo = disgusting. Baconnaise Lite = The worst sounding condiment since belacan, a fermented ground shrimp paste. (via Grub Grade)

Wow! Someone ate the Carl’s Jr. Footlong Burger and didn’t die from doing so. Find that man and study his body for science. (via Holy Taco)

There’s an energy drink called Caffeine. But why isn’t there an energy drink called Energy Drink? With the clusterfuck of energy drinks available, mathematically there should’ve been an Energy Drink energy drink by now. (via Caffeine-A-Holic)

I’d really like to watch what happens to an unwitting mother who gives a caffeinated popsicle to her young child at an amusement park. (Sugar + caffeine) + child = birth control for spectators of the child at the amusement park. (via ED Junkie)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a man using their wife’s eye moisturizer. Just like there is absolutely nothing wrong with a man using foundation to cover his blemishes or any skin discoloration, powder to set the foundation, eye shadow to accentuate his eyelids, lipstick to make his lips redder, mascara to make his lashes look longer and blush to make his cheekbones stand out. (via Review Spew)

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  1. As always I appreciated the mention.
    If you want to hear something really messed up, Caffeine makes a relaxation drink too…. I have one coming in the mail to review.

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