Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

I didn’t know there were Xbox 360 controller-shaped caffeinated soaps. I guess it’ll give me something else to play with while in the shower. (via Possessed By Caffeine)

Wrigley produced chewing gums that are supposed to taste like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Strawberry Shortcake. Hey, Wrigley! You know what would make a great flavor for gum? Listerine. Or meat. (via Foodette Reviews and Snack Love)

If I don’t get a Ghostbusters 3 movie next year, the only way I could cope is by toasting Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows with a proton pack stream. (via Caffeine-A-Holic)

If you want to consume 1,800 milligrams of caffeine and 37,500 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B12 at one time, now you can. But I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you want to experience the greatest crash ever — death. (via What I Drink At Work)

Ben & Jerry’s now has a snickerdoodle ice cream, which means they’ve created ice cream flavors of two of my least favorite cookies: snickerdoodles and ginger snaps. I hope they don’t make an ice cream based on my third least favorite cookie — the Spritzgebäck. (via On Second Scoop)

Image via flickr user joeyparsons / CC BY ND 2.0

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  1. Thanks for the link! And I’m thinking that Snickerdoodle ice cream would be awesome. Back in college, I put away many a pint of the Oatmeal Cookie ice cream Ben & Jerry’s made.

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