Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we like.

I firmly believe if you’re going to name your product after poop, it should taste like shit. I also believe if you name your child after the alcohol you were drunk on when they were conceived, you should have your child taken away. (via The Candy Enthusiast)

Taco Bell’s Chalupa is now gigantesco. If only Taco Bell’s menu items were a bit more creativo. (via Does It Hit The Spot and Google Translate)

Boo Berry Cereal is neither scary nor delicious. Actually, I take that back. Boo Berry Cereal is scary because it’s not delicious. (via Rodzilla Reviews)

I’m disappointed that something called Slightly Naughty Jam doesn’t come with instructions on how to use it in the bedroom. (via Foodstuff Finds)

These gummy koala bears don’t look like koalas, but they sure do look happy. It makes me wonder if they’re just regular gummy bears who are extremely satisfied because they ate the gummy koala bears. (via Candyblog)

8 thoughts to “THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 10/9/2010”

  1. LoL I actually almost bought the poop last time I was in Austin, Texas. I mean it is seriously sold at any touristy area. Too funny!

  2. In Japan, they have a snack in Nara that’s called Deer Poop. It’s a marketing strategy I just don’t understand.

    1. Deb, I’ve eaten that “poop” too! Oh my, seems I have a thing for confectionery feces… O_o

      Thanks for the link Marvo. 🙂

    1. I don’t think it’s as pleasing as a thousand kisses from an angel. Although it depends where those kisses are being planted.

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