THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 10/23/2010

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow. If you visit them, please leave a comment that says either hello, something meaningful or says “TIB is #2.”

I think the Domino’s Wisconsin Six Cheese Pizza doesn’t represent Wisconsin very well. I’ve been to Wisconsin and they had way more than six different types of cheeses. It really should be the Domino’s Wisconsin Thirty-Four Cheese Pizza. And it should contain 300% of your daily value of calcium…and saturated fat. (via We Rate Stuff)

I’m not sure whether I should pour this liquid into my mouth or my car’s antifreezer container. I’m sure it’s bad either way. (via Probably Edible)

Peanut butter and jelly in between bread is good. Peanut butter and jelly in a jar is bad. Peanut butter and jelly in between the sheets is not as awesome as it sounds. (via Second Rate Snacks)

Ben & Jerry’s has a carrot cake ice cream. I hope Ben & Jerry’s comes up with a wedding cake-flavored ice cream called I Do…Till Death Caused By Eating Too Much Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Do Us Part. (via Rodzilla Reviews)

This potato chip’s packaging makes my eyes sore and the armchair graphic designer in me angry. (via Food Junk)

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  1. Mmmmm I want some of that Ben & Jerry’s carrotcake ice cream. I think a good experiment would be to take the Kroger’s drink and pour it onto the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and see what happens! lol

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