THE WEEK IN REVIEWS – 12/17/2010


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

I didn’t know Panera Bread makes their own potato chips. I wonder if people buy a bag just so they can hang out at a Panera to use their free WiFi? (via Munchies Blog)

I miss chewing sugary bubblegums that rot my teeth. I also miss the tooth I lost from chewing sugary bubblegums that rot my teeth. (via Gum Alert)

It’s rare that the picture on a product’s packaging looks worse than the actual product. Seriously, the picture on the box looks like home insulation foam enclosed in box made with pressed wood. (via On Second Scoop)

Asahi is Japan’s largest brewery, so it surprises me that their beverage called 9 PM isn’t a beer. (via Japanese Snack Reviews)

Hmm…I’m trying to figure out which is more disgusting: bacon gumballs or haggis-flavored chips? It would be an easier decision if the haggis-flavored chips were packaged inside of a sheep’s stomach. (via Foodstuff Finds)

Image via flickr user samantha celera / CC BY ND 2.0