THE DAY IN REVIEWS – 1/13/2011

peach hibiscus

Here are a few product review posted today from other blogs we follow.

Drink hibiscus? Pfff. The only thing I like to do with the hibiscus flower is put it behind my ear and dance hula…poorly. Okay, it’s not really hula dancing, it’s just me shuffling my feet side to side, like I’m slow dancing by myself. (via Drink What)

The idea of ginger candy makes me feel a little nauseous. If only there was a type of candy I could eat that could help me with my nauseousness. (via Candy Gurus)

I wish Monster Absolute Zero energy drink was called Absolute Zero because it came either frozen or empty. (via Addicted 2 Energy)

Here’s something you should try at home. If you stuff your mouth with IKEA Swedish meatballs and talk with your mouth full, you’ll be just as incoherent as the Swedish Chef. (via Freezer Burns)

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    1. I have don’t know what you’re talking about specifically, but I’m sure other websites have. All I can ask is: Did those other websites cover it on January 13, 2011?

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