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Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

Just like electronics from shady vendors in China, I’m pretty sure this Red Bull is a knockoff and the wings they’ll give me will either break easily or be covered with lead paint. (via ED Junkie)

There’s a cereal called Love Crunch. But it’s also what me and my dominatrix call her technique that involves her lightly crushing my testicles with the front of her stilettos. Man, she’s going to be extra domineering to me when I tell her about this cereal. I hope I don’t have to pay extra for it. (via Health Nut)

I don’t need no stinkin’ hangover prevention drink. All I need the next morning after a night of heavy drinking is a glass of water, someone to hold back my hair when I puke, and someone to tell me where the hell I am and why I’m not wearing pants. (via Caffeine-A-Holic)

A romantic energy drink that gets people in the mood? But with a bunch of caffeine in their systems, how are guys supposed to fall asleep right after sex? (via What I Drink At Work)