WEEK IN REVIEWS – 9/10/2011


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

There are flavored tablets the Japanese suck on to replenish the salt in their bodies. We also have something like that in the United States, except we call them McDonald’s French fries. (via Japanese Snack Reviews)

This Chocolate Habanero Voodoo Sauce doesn’t have any chocolate, but it sure has a lot of habanero…and voodoo. (via Chocolate Reviews)

Kraft makes Pina Colada-flavored marshmallows. Sadly, I’m 100 percent sure someone is trying to get drunk by eating these non-alcoholic marshmallows. (via Junk Food Guy)

Great. Another reason to be upset the nearest Trader Joe’s is thousands of miles away. (via What’s Good At Trader Joe’s)

Chocolatey Cap’n Crunch isn’t very good, which greatly disappoints me. I hope Cap’n Crunch gets demoted to Midshipm’n Munch? (via Grub Grade)

Image via flickr user Dyanna / CC BY ND 2.0

5 thoughts to “WEEK IN REVIEWS – 9/10/2011”

  1. Since Cap’n Crunch is pretty much perfect as junk food as is, anything they offer as a variation is going to disappoint. This is the problem with perfection. Still, I’d buy it if I could, because I’m just that dumb.

    Thanks for the link!

    1. Japanese either. The vast majority of their health problems, like high blood pressure (prevalent even in “healthy” chinese and japanese), are from the super-high amounts of sodium in their diets.

  2. Thanks for the Trader Joe’s link. If there wasn’t beautiful weather and a south swell for the last few days, I’d surely be bummed to be in the middle of the Pacific

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