WEEK IN REVIEWS – 10/1/2011


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

It’s hard to believe Sbarro is still in business because I know a lot of people who say SbarNo to Sbarro. (via Grub Grade)

It turns out I’m completely ignorant of French breakfast cereals. This mix of chocolate breakfast cereals isn’t what I thought French cereal would be like. I thought they would be made up of tiny éclairs, cream puffs, and macaroons. (via Gobble Monkey)

A Slim Jim without spicy processed meat? Have I been transported to an alternate universe where Milksop Man Randy Savage told us to slowly split into a Slim Jim? (via Junk Food Guy)

I wonder what Bob Marley would think if he could see his face being used to sell bottled iced coffee. Would he be irie or irate? (via What I Drink At Work)

You know what’s great for settling your stomach? Sweet Corn Soda, Bacon Soda, and Cucumber Soda. Wait. Did I say “settling your stomach”? I meant to say setting your stomach up for puking. (via Vintage Sodas and Drinkable Review)

Image via flickr user gelatobaby / CC BY SA 2.0

3 thoughts to “WEEK IN REVIEWS – 10/1/2011”

  1. Thanks for the mention! In addition to the Sweet Corn Soda and Bacon Soda reviews, we’ll be reviewing Lester’s Fixins Buffalo Soda soon, too. Something tells me that one won’t taste very good either…

  2. My first thought was that Slim Jim was branching out into soy and seitan jerkies …. Really. There’s quite a market for it, considering all the different brands available today. Just got a 12″ Primal stick (made from soy and wheat gluten), although I’m partial to Stonewall’s Jerquee (soy) that comes in round pieces rather than sticks (I even bought cheap 5-lb bags of little pieces of Stonewall’s original mild and teriyaki flavors, called “fines”, direct from the manufacturer). How disappointing that the Slim Jim offering is just another potato snack. Are they meatless at least? And are they full of Slim Jim’s usual tasty nitrites?

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