PRIZE DRAWING: Because Sam Walton’s Ghost Won’t Leave Me Alone Until I Give Away A Walmart Gift Card


This month, The Impulsive Buy will be giving away a $25 Walmart gift card.

Yup, I’m going to walk into a Walmart, flash a fake smile at the senior citizen-aged Walmart employee who greets me, walk defensively through the store to avoid unsupervised children and shoppers who should never be allowed to drive shopping carts, wait in a long 8 items or less express checkout line behind a couple of jackasses who each have a dozen items, purchase a $25 Walmart gift card, and flash another fake smile at the senior citizen-aged Walmart employee who thanks me for shopping at Walmart.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Walmart gift card drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. I don’t care what you say in your comment, but it would be nice if you shared your most memorable moment in a Walmart. Now when I say “memorable”, I mean crappiest. But, if you don’t have a crappy Walmart memory, your most awesome memory would suffice. Mine was getting hit by an impatient Walmart shopper driving a motorized shopping cart.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because I’ll be emailing the winner for his or her mailing address. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Friday, December 30, 2011 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents who are at least 18 years old.

For those of you who have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Friday, December 30, 2011 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time:

@theimpulsivebuy I wish Walmart would bring back the rollback prices smiley face because I want to make out with it.

So just copy, paste, and tweet. Only one tweet per Twitter account.

Good luck!

Fine Print: Walmart is not affiliated with this prize drawing. The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails about how Bill Gates is going to give you money if you forward the email to a dozen of your friends. Seriously, some people are really gullible. Go look up stuff of before you forward stupid emails like that. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you coconuts. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or walking out of Walmart with more than you intended.

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171 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because Sam Walton’s Ghost Won’t Leave Me Alone Until I Give Away A Walmart Gift Card”

  1. The worst experience ever was waiting for an hour at 11:30 pm for a price check for sunscreen. Their manager had already gone home so they just price adjusted the sunscreen for us themselves because who would try to lie and fight for the price of sunscreen at midnight!

  2. I got nothing interesting to say about Walmart. I go there because it’s cheap and I’m poor.

  3. I’d love to be able to afford to be one of those people with a big hate for wally-world, but when every penny counts you gotta do what you gotta do. Besides, chances are good I’ll be one of those greeters someday. How sad is that?

    If I had a Wal-Mart gift card I would do such a number on that $5 DVD bin in aisle 14!

  4. I’ve only been there once. I felt so sorry for the checkout lady, she must have been about 300 pounds, but the uniform top she was wearing must have been a large at most. It looked more like a half-shirt on her. I would have died of embarrassment, I don’t know why they couldn’t have offered a more fitting uniform shirt.

  5. Worst memory at Walmart was during one of the Black Friday sales when I had to wait outside in the freezing cold with just a sweatshirt and gloves for hours.

  6. My most memorable experience is also my most numerous: meeting the dead eyes of one of their cashiers and feeling ashamed to be there.

  7. On my 12th birthday, my dad and I walked into a Walmart to buy a GameCube. The GameCube was on sale at Walmart and there were plenty left, but we stood there 30 minutes and NO ONE in electronics greeted us. I was pissed and my dad was even more pissed, but he didn’t want to let me down so he drove across town to the mall and bought the GameCube at a higher price at KB Toys. I love my dad and I love Walmart, but what happened that day….. UNFORGIVABLE!

  8. Walmart. Walmart. Where do I begin? Every time I enter, my faith in humanity dwindles to a trickle. But the low prices. THE LOW PRICES. My best memory may have been “loitering” in Walmart after a football game. Open 24 hours. After that they took the benches out of our store. Pity.

  9. My most interesting experience would haveto be black Friday shopping and almost getting beat up by an elderly woman for blocking the snuggies.

  10. My best Walmart memory would have to be the time I was in the women’s shoe asile trying on shoes for my Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume, and the sales lady walked by, stopped, and stared at me, before saying, “You know you’re in the women’s show section, right?” Without missing a beat I responded back, “Well yeah. If I had wanted men’s shoes I’d be a few asiles over.” I then continued to prance around in my pumps.

    Probably not the oddest thing to happen to that woman that day, sadly.

  11. I worked at Walmart as a Customer Service Manager. I was giving an associate at the service desk her lunch break. A customer came in to send a money gram to Canada in the amount of $5000.

    When attempting to send the money gram,Money Gram, would only allow her to send $1999.99. So I asked another CSM that previously worked full time at the service desk why it was telling me that. She said if she broke it down into separate transactions then she would be able to send the full amount.

    So she decided to send 3 different amounts. I asked who she was sending the money to and she said she was sending it to her family. So I sent the transactions for the customer, filled out the back of each of the money gram papers like I was supposed to do, and the customer left.

    When the associate I was giving lunch break to, came back, I asked if there was anything else I needed to fill out, and she said no, I did everything the way I should have. This associate was a full time associate that has worked at the service desk for 5-6 years.

    Two weeks later I was called to our Asset Protection Office. When in the office the Asset Protection Manager, my Assistant Manager, and my Zone Manager, were there. I was asked if I remembered about the transactions that I had sent two weeks earlier. I told them that I had sent a few different ones that day. So I was shown the ones for this specific customer and I told them yes,I remember. He asked if I filled out and faxed a specific form, which I had never seen before,and I told them that Iwas unaware of any forms other than filling out both sides of the money gram as I had been trained. I also informed them that I had asked the full time associate at the service desk, and she said that there wasn’t anything that I needed to fill out except the back of the money gram paper.

    I was then informed that the customer had been under investigation for money laundering and they had no choice but to let me go,and informed me that they weren’t going to charge me, for a felony offense. In my opinion filling out a money gram for a customer is a simple service that Walmart offers and we do every day, and there is nothing felony about taking care of a customer as we were trained.It seems to me that if a customer was being investigated, that Walmart employees should not be put in the middle of such an ongoing circumstance and the employees job should not be put on the line.

    Walmart should have banned the lady from sending money and not put me in the middle of it. By not informing us of the investigation, it seems to me that Walmart is a part of the problem and not the solution, Walmart and this lady are laundering money, and I am terminated in the process. I was startled when being informed by my employers that Walmart knew this lady was laundering money to terrorists activities and allowed her to do it. Not only that, they are compromising their employees.

    I should not have been terminated and the service desk employee that misinformed me, was a part of the investigation, and should have been terminated instead of me, for lying. In a normal working environment, I would have been taken into the office and updated on any moneygram procedures, and not even a reprimand of any sort, my supervisors should have been (terminated) for being involved in this, and Walmart should be closed down for money laundering. I have been informed that this lady is still actively sending money to Canada in large amounts.

  12. I worked as a cashier for Wal-mart for just under 3 months when I was called into the back office. A front end manager told me I was to be corrected on my behavior because I left the gated area of the cash register that sold cigarettes in order to tidy the check out lanes that no one else bothers to tidy.
    It was a few minutes before closing and there were no customers in the store. I was never told I wasn’t allowed to leave that area.

    The manager began screaming at me with the same harsh tone a mother would use with a child who had severely misbehaved. I attempted to speak up but I could not.
    Every time I opened my mouth to speak, she would raise her voice and cut me off. I had sat there for about 10 minutes being screamed at and had not been allowed to speak once. The office was the size of a medium sized bathroom and there were 2 other managers in there with us overseeing. I began to get extremely frustrated and upset and began to cry a bit.
    At that time I stood up and informed that manager that I had PTSD and have panic attacks when I felt threatened or when I was under extreme stress and that I would like to step out and have a breather, then resume this “meeting”.
    She looked at me in shock and said “No you may not leave. You have to stay here until I’m done.”
    I said “Just a minute please I won’t leave the store or anything, you can watch me and I’ll come right back”
    She said “No you cant” And as I turned towards the door I noticed the large male manager standing in front of it. I immediately went into a panic attack.

    After a couple minutes of hyperventilating I began to black out and fell to the floor. The managers stood over top of me discussing what I was doing, whether I was acting or faking it and if any of them was aware that I had a condition.
    Twice they asked if I wanted an ambulance, both times I said yes, and then a third time I asked for an ambulance myself. Finally I was reduced to saying “help me I cant breathe” over and over again.
    Finally after a few more minutes (About 10 minutes total since the panic attack started) they opened the door and I made a hazy dash for it. I ran out of the store and down the sidewalk, dizzy, lightheaded and blinded since I had lost my glasses in the commotion. I ran for my life.
    The store manager chased me down the street for over a mile. I was begging and pleading with her to leave me be, telling her she could clock me out, I was over 18 years old, and past my time to leave at the end of shift. She wouldn’t quit following me.
    I had to run through a swamp which she refused to cross in order to escape and I called my friend and spent the night with him. I was afraid to even tell my mother where I was (they called her) because I was so afraid she would tell someone from walmart and they would come looking for me.

    During my panic attacks I become afraid for my life and feel like it is being threatened even if it is irrational, while I was running from the manager, I outpaced her enough to start to feel more comfortable and explained this to her when I was begging her to leave me alone. I told her it would help calm me down, she sped up and as she got closer the panic started coming back and that was when I ran for the swamp.

    The next day I received a phone call saying I was being fired for gross misconduct and they’d like me to come in for an exit interview. I went with my friend at my side.
    They explained to me that I should have told them about my medical condition when I was hired because now they have no proof it actually exists.
    Even though it said right on their application that they are not allowed to ask me questions about medical conditions and I do not have to disclose them. It had been over a year since my last one and I never thought working as a cashier would put me in a position to have one.

    She told me they would waive the 3 month period I must wait in order to be rehired at walmart because of the special circumstances and I could begin work at another location immediately.
    A year later with no job I became desperate and finally applied at another walmart location. That’s when I found out that not only did they not waive the 3 month period but they banned me from ever working at walmart again. I put on my applications now that I have no job experience because I don’t want to have to explain this situation to my future employers.

  13. My kids and I (8 y/o boy & 5 y/o girl) went to Walmart to grab some
    stuff about 12:30 pm. I needed to get some weights and what not,
    and I promised my kids a toy each for really helping me out this week.
    Any way, we got the stuff we needed and they saw McDonald’s. We decided
    to grab some burgers. This was directly across the way from the
    check-stand where I purchased my stuff. Pushed the cart up to McD’s and
    walked up to the register. Bought our stuff, ate lunch, and went to
    leave. (Approx 1:30 PM)

    I grabbed the cart and headed for the door. Walked through the little
    security sensors (No, they did not go off) and was almost to the door.
    A guy (50’s-60’s, gray hair, possibly glasses) asked for my receipt. I
    told him “No thank you” and kept walking. I attempted to walk out the
    door. He then tried to pull the cart out of my hands, and said you need
    to come with me to the security office. I told him I would be doing no
    such thing and asked him if I was free to go. He said no. I then asked
    if he was detaining me. He said no. So I went to push the cart out of
    the door. He grabbed the cart again. I asked him if he would physically
    grab me. He said no.

    I told him to get a manager. He yelled at another
    gentleman (coincidentally, the gentleman in question was standing in
    line directly in front of me at McDonald’s. His total was $4.02. I
    remember seeing it ring up on the register) This gentleman (not wearing
    a name tag) was late 40’s – early 50’s. He went and banged on a door
    right near the entrance that had a piece of paper taped on it saying
    “Employees Only” or something to that effect.

    I said to the first gentleman “Look, I’ve paid for every item in this
    cart. It is my property. I’m getting my items and I’m leaving.” At this
    time time, a younger guy (Mid 20’s, short cropped light brown or blond
    hair, possible earring, 200-225 lbs, 5’10” or so, no nametag) came out
    from the earlier mentioned door. At that point I reached in, picked up
    my items (1 40lb dumbell set, 2 sunshades for a car, toy puppy, super
    soaker, lifting gloves, and exercise mat) handed the kids their toys and
    went to walk out the door. At that point the employee (I think, he
    wasn’t wearing any kind of name tag) that came out of the side door
    grabbed me by the biceps and tried to restrain me. I asked him to get
    his hands off me and please call the police.

    At this point, I was surrounded by about 10 employees (Again, I’m not 100%
    they were employees, since most had no WalMart badges on). My daughter (5)
    started bawling. I again asked if I was free to go. I walked just outside the
    entrance doors, and 4-5 employees circled me and prevented me from
    leaving. “no name tag” (the younger) again put his hands on my arms and
    prevented me from advancing. (I’m not clear if all were employees or
    not. There were several males of varying ages and one female,
    30’s-hispanic or native american. All wearing street clothes.

    “No nametag” (the younger) got out his cellphone and dialed 911. I was
    about 6 inches from his face. He got the dispatcher and advised them
    that he had an uncooperative customer and needed the police. I leaned in
    and said something to the effect “Ask the dispatcher if it is legal for
    you to physically detain me.” I repeated this several times. He tells
    the dispatcher that NO ONE ever touched me. At this point an Asst.
    Manager (Mikki – 40’s African American) walked up and asked what the
    problem was. I told her what was happening. “No nametag” says “I never
    touched him.” I ignored him and asked the Mgr if there were video
    cameras at the entrance. She said yes, so I told her that I wasn’t going
    to argue the point, we could just watch the video.

    At this point another employee went up to my daughter and grabbed the
    toy from her arms. This guy was probably mid 20’s: crew cut style
    haircut, dark brown, or black hair. Athletic build, a little over 6ft
    tall. She was really crying by then. He said he was taking it to look up
    the transaction. 10 minutes went by, me surrounded by employees. Nobody
    really saying anything. I tried to take a picture of the guy who grabbed
    my arms, but he kept turning around in circles so I couldn’t get it. I
    have one photo of the back of his head. The police still hadn’t shown

    The employee who took my daughter’s toy then returned with a receipt
    printout and handed it to Mikki. She looked at my stuff, said here’s
    your receipt. See you later. No apologies, nothing.

  14. I don’t actually have any crappy signature Walmart moments. I did, however, have to buy my son (then age 10) an entire wardrobe at Walmart when we were on vacation. (Apparently he was more interested in packing toys than clothes.)

  15. One time I was stuck behind an older woman who was ready to come to blows with the cashier over a coupon that she had misunderstood.

    Also if I win I will sell or trade the gift card since I refuse to set foot in a Walmart store anymore.

  16. My favorite Wal-Mart trip involved purchasing some expired Trail Mix. Once I got it home and realized it was expired (and not marked as on sale/cheap) I brought it right back in. After waiting in line to return the item for almost 15 minutes, I arrived at the counter. The not-so-nice Wal-Mart employee could not find any reason why I would want to return the item and was so sure I was trying to return an old bag rather than the bag I just purchased with my receipt in hand. Ohh Wal-Mart.

  17. I used to go to WalMart around 1 am to buy cheap yarn. My friends and I would then “yarn” houses — kind of like toilet papering, but way cooler. We’d make a massive web of yarn tied to their house and everything in their yard.

  18. The Walmart I used to go to had a little stand that made fresh doughnuts rolled in sugar. I loved it. Im fat now.

  19. My most memorable Walmart is experience is going to Wal-mart 3 in the morning with other friends. It’s fun going so late.

  20. My friend was dressed rather inappropriately for a walmart trip…people started approaching our car. Needless to say, we drove away real fast.

  21. I’m in Walmart constantly, just for the Subway that’s inside. Unfortunately it’s the only place I can walk to on my lunch break.

  22. A lady who decided to just grab (seemingly) every thing in the baby aisle, go to the cash register, and THEN decide what she wanted to put back…

  23. Why do they have 37 checkout lines but only 5 are ever open? They are always super busy and the wait is always too long!
    I try to go at night when I shop at Walmart – yes, that is when you run in to some interesting people hanging out but it is less crowded at the checkout. However, the employees cleaning the floors with those big machines tend to get in the way. Then, if you are in an aisle they are coming up on, they just stand there and wait. It is distracting trying to shop while a large loud machine and an annoyed employee are staring you down waiting for you to move out of the way!

  24. My most memorable memory of Walmart is a memory that happens every time I go in, it the stench of Subway. I can’t do it, I just can’t.

  25. I somehow always end up trapped in conversation with the batty cashiers at Walmart. The other night I got stuck talking to one about how she has a sick cat and after about ten minutes of this, I tried to slowly back away, only to find her following me around the checkout counter and towards the door. Feeling as though she would follow me to my car, I suddenly shouted that I should go check on my own cats and slipped out the doors. I barely escaped with my life.

  26. That would be the time my kids & I were standing outside the entrance waiting for my husband to pull the car up (it was pouring), and the walmart cashier walked out and stood about 3 feet from us and lit up a cigarette. Yes, next to kids and right outside the doors which by the way is illegal here.

    Love Walmart! 🙂

  27. No good stories are coming to mind, but I would love to win a giftcard 🙂 I used to buy their store brand PB and caramel cups all the time, and the flavored sparkling waters!

  28. Crappiest Wal-Mart memory was walking out to my car at night after shopping and having some crazy, possibly drugged up woman come up and ask me for money. Wal-Mart is full of crazies.

  29. I remember going to Wal-mart when I was in middle school, thinking it was so cool being able to buy $1 nail polishes…although now I know they were pretty crappy.

  30. one time my friend wet herself at a walmart. That was kind of fun to watch. . . but then she had to get in my front seat to drive home, so it sucked for me too afterall.

  31. My worst Walmart memory was the time they thought I was shoplifting. I was on a major grocery excursion and I had filled the main part of the cart, so I started putting items in the child seat next to my purse. All the cameras saw was me tucking stuff in next to my bag! That was awkward.

  32. Can’t wait to use that gift card on booze. Washington state will get out of the liquour business and allow retailers to sell booze.

  33. When I was little my neighbors and I would walk to walmart, get a cart and fill it with stuff we “wanted” then just abandoned the cart and left haha! good times 😉

  34. I always find it strange that each Wal-Mart seems to have their own particular variety of shopper demographic. Makes for interesting people watching at the very least.

  35. I am deathly terrified of clowns.

    On one shopping trip I went to pick up a prescription from the Walmart pharmacy but before I turned to down the isle to wait in line I saw up in the front a hideous red afro, grotesque rainbow colored outfit and giant shoes and I knew it was clown. I tried to stay calm but my heart was already racing and I just kept walking. I waited in the electronic section but couldn’t even enjoy playing some of the lame games. I ended up lapping the Walmart four times checking to see if it was gone before I got in line.

    ugh I hate clowns and I think I deserve a giftcard for my bravery.

  36. I was just in a Super Wal-Mart and asked an employee where I could find frozen shrimp. He replied: “There’s some on sale in the second meat bunker.” He was pointing to the line of open air display freezers in the center aisle.

    Meat bunker. This could possibly be my all-time favorite terminology.

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