WEEK IN REVIEWS – 6/2/2012

Candwich Innards

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

Do you love peanut butter and jelly flavored snacks as much as the British love prawn cocktail flavored snacks? Well then, boom! And, boom! (via Foodstuff Finds, Junk Food Guy, and Candyblog)

This wholesome British cereal looks like someone shoved whatever was on a forest floor into a bag. But because it looks the way it does, it would do a great job decorating a fall diorama. (via Milk and Spoon)

Click either photo in this review. When you see the full sized version, take your computer monitor and spin it like you’re using it as a steering wheel. Keep spinning until you get sleepy or begin to cluck like a chicken. (via Flavor Scientist)

Tired of giving your favorite apocalypse believer MREs for his or her birthday? Well, I’m pretty sure he or she would be extremely happy to have these in the underground bunker. (via Food Junk)

One thought to “WEEK IN REVIEWS – 6/2/2012”

  1. I have, in the past, sampled the emergency rations in cookie-like form, and even possessed some (I think a 20-year-old ration may still be in my truck, behind the seat, in an emergency kit). The linked description is about right.
    The cereal looks OK. I’ve never tried soaking a cereal overnight, that’s interesting.

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