WEEK IN REVIEWS – 8/11/2012

R2D2 Mailbox

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

These flavored envelopes might encourage me to mail letters instead of sending emails. Or they might the beginning of a nasty envelope licking habit which could end up with paper cuts on my tongue and me opening envelope boxes at Office Depot to get a fix. (via Food Junk)

What’s with all these weird made-up words? I thought Harry Potter was over. (via Foodstuff Finds)

If I want a scoopable form of peanut butter and jelly, I wouldn’t get this. Instead, I’d pour a jar of Smucker’s into a jar of Skippy. (via The Mind of a Big Cat)

Oh, thank goodness. I can enjoy caramel apples without the annoyance of an actual apple.. No slightly poisonous seeds to worry about. No core to throw away. No fiber to make my digestive system work properly. No worries that it might cast a sleeping spell on me that can only be broken by being kissed on the lips by a prince. (via Candyblog)

Image via flickr user Ben Brown / CC BY SA 2.0