WEEK IN REVIEWS – 9/8/2012

Drapeau du Canada à la Citadelle de Québec

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

Canada gets to try McDonald’s Caramel Pie, while the U.S. still has yet to enjoy the McDonald’s Oreo Pie our northern neighbors also got to try first. It’s as if McDonald’s wants us to lose weight. (via So Good Blog)

If I had Tree Hugger Bubble Gum when I was a kid, it would’ve become Under My Desk Hugger Bubble Gum after I was done chewing it. (via Candyblog)

Isn’t having the words “extra hot” and “habanero” in a product name unnecessarily redundant, sort of like unnecessarily redundant? (via Dave’s Cupboard)

Pringles already has a pizza flavor and now they have a cheeseburger-flavored Pringles. So all we need now are taco and fried chicken flavored Pringles to cover all the major fast food groups. (via Junk Food Guy)

I’m looking at the label of this product and I can’t determine if I’m staring at the name of the product or a word cloud of things that would appeal to any Trader Joe’s shopper. (via What’s Good At Trader Joe’s)

Image via flickr user abdallahh / CC BY SA 2.0

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  1. Pringles used to have a taco flavor called “Taco Night”, but it was pulled from shelves in 2010 because of the Salmonella scare.

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