WEEK IN REVIEWS – 4/6/2013


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

Nutritionists say we should eat more salad. I think I found an awesome way to eat more. (via Food Junk)

Perhaps a better name for Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations would be Fortuitous Creations, because it really does look like this candy bar was created when someone accidentally dropped other types of candy into a vat of chocolate. (via Gobble Monkey)

Little Caesar’s Deep Deep Dish Pizza doesn’t look very deep deep. It doesn’t make me want to beep beep in my Jeep. It doesn’t make me want to count sheep sheep before I sleep. And it doesn’t make me want to leap leap over something deep. Sorry about that. I got a little carried away. (via Brand Eating)

Drops of Pure Pleasure, eh? I don’t know about that. Clearly, whoever named that candy has not had the pleasure of having melted candle wax dripped on their body. (via Chocolate Mission)

Three reviews posted this week at TIB’s significantly less popular sister review blog, Freezer Aisle Files. (via Freezer Aisle Files)

One thought to “WEEK IN REVIEWS – 4/6/2013”

  1. Great blog. Please keep posting. The worse the food the better! I have the BRCA 1&2 genes so eat steamed kale and broccoli type salads (with bbq sauce as dressing and crushed pretzels as croutons) three out of four meals a day so I live vicariously through you. Genius reviews and fun to read.

    Wondering what you think of Arctic Zero ” ice cream ” and So Delicious coconut milk ice cream. I dig the coconut milk stuff. I’ve heard weird stuff about the Zero business.

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