WEEK IN REVIEWS – 5/4/2013

Wheat Thins Sweet Potato

Here are a few product reviews of foreign crunchy things posted this week on other blogs we follow.

Sweet Potato Wheat Thins from Canada. (via The Daily Yum)

Melted cheese and bacon potato crisps from the U.K. (via Foodstuff Finds)

Beef burger potato crisps from the U.K. (via The Review Addict)

Potato chips and burger rings from Australia. (via Junk Food Betty)

Doritos from Iceland! (via Junk Food Guy)

2 thoughts to “WEEK IN REVIEWS – 5/4/2013”

  1. You can keep all the sweet potato flavored stuff to yourself, I’ll pass every time.

    Those two U.K. chips sound really good, especialy the cheese and bacon one. I figure the Burger ones can’t taste to dissimilar from a number of flavors Herr’s has floating around, like Steak or Baby Back Ribs.

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