WEEK IN REVIEWS – 1/11/2014


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

This burger in Japan is supposed to honor 1950’s American diners, but I’m not sure mashed potato sauce and a fried egg were common on burgers back then. Although, maybe they were since I wasn’t alive during that time. (via Rocket News24)

McDonald’s Malaysia had a Chicken McRib in August. No, it was not shaped like a chicken rib. Yes, it was shaped like a regular McRib. (via McDonald’s Around the World)

I learned the McDonald’s Dollar & More Menu is called the Saver Menu in the U.K. and there are
two new cheap chicken sandwiches on that menu. (via Burger Lad)

It seems slapping a slice of American cheese on McDonald’s French fries would be an upgrade to this Japanese McDonald’s product. (via Rocket News24)