WEEK IN REVIEWS – 7/5/2014


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

These strawberry fields aren’t forever. They’re just available for a limited time. (via Man Reviews Food)

The cheese sauce isn’t much better as it tastes cheap and can make movie theater nachos seem gourmet.” (via Grub Grade)

Some products won’t tell you how many items there are in the packaging. Some products will say how many items there are, but in small print on the packaging. Trader Joe’s went a different route. (via What’s Good at Trader Joe’s)

Lazy Sunday. Wake up in the late afternoon. Call Parnell just to see how he’s doin’. Hello? What up, Parns! Yo Samberg, what’s cracking’? You thinkin’ what I’m thinking? NARNIA! Man, it’s happenin’. Yup. Those lyrics are tattooed on my grey matter. (via On Second Scoop)