WEEK IN REVIEWS – 8/16/2014


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

I’ve always wondered if it’s pronounced SPEK-yoo-laas cookie butter or SPEK-yoo-loose cookie butter. I bet it’s the latter because it rhymes best with “expect to lose your mind after eating cookie butter.” (via On Second Scoop and What’s Good at Trader Joe’s.)

Burger King’s A.1. Ultimate Cheeseburger looks like most fast food cheeseburgers…an ultimate mess. (via Brand Eating)

The U.K. has Do Us a Flavor flavors too. Although, they probably call it Do Us a Flavour flavours. (via Grocery Gems)

Choco-bomb.” (via Junk Food Guy)

4 thoughts to “WEEK IN REVIEWS – 8/16/2014”

  1. I see Ranch Raccoon is a UK DO Us a Flavor finalist. If it wins, Walkers can do a tie in with Marvel and Gardians of the Galaxy.

  2. In Belgium it’s pronounced with the u as a short vowel, rather than long – “uh” rather than “yoo”. In the Netherlands they say “Speculaas” instead of “Speculoos”.

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