WEEK IN REVIEWS – 10/18/2014


Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

My wife was instantly turned off of the idea of having rice on ice cream, and ate around it.(via McDonald’s Around the World)

While the Doritos shell seems slightly less crunchy than the standard corn taco shell, it still works really well here and the extra kick of cheesy flavor is a big plus.” (via Grub Grade)

Salty, but not too salty. VERY vinegar-y and tangy. VERY cayenne-y, with AWESOME burn. Bold bold bold in every sense of the word – just like I like it!” (via Junk Food Guy)

I really just think they tasted weird. They certainly tasted like pumpkin spice, but the flavor struck me as being fake, even though the ingredients do actually list ‘pumpkin puree.’(via What’s Good at Trader Joe’s)