ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Candyology 101

Candyology Cover Small

Um, so, I started another podcast, and it’s a candy podcast, called Candyology 101.

Well, it’s not just me. There’s also Cybele from Candy Blog, Lauren from Candy Bar Reviews, and Maria from Sometimes Foodie. And, actually, I’m not at all in the show. I’m just the producer. So I can just sit back and relax while they geek out over candy.

In the inaugural episode, the three of them discuss fall flavors, Halloween candy, and trick-or-treating. The show notes are available at the Candyology 101 blog.

You can listen to the episode now using the player below:

Or you download the MP3 file. If you want to subscribe to the show, it’s available on iTunes and via RSS. Also, we’re currently in the process of getting it on Stitcher.


3 thoughts to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing Candyology 101”

  1. Yes! More junk food podcasts! I continue to be a great admirer of The Nosh Show, and am excited to listen to your production efforts on this new endeavor! Food based audio is the best!

  2. So. Much. Yes.
    Force. So. Strong.
    Making. Me. Put. One. Word. Per. Sentence.

    (She pulls out the mighty sword of Thor and smashes it through the one-sentence barrier)

    Congrats and hooray! So glad to have this trustworthy, sweet tooth-inclined team on the digital airwaves.

  3. Bring back the Freezer Aisles (or whatever you called that) — I’d like to see more frozen food reviews!

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