PODCAST: Introducing Let’s Talk TJ’s!

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Soooo…I think I might have a problem.

And that problem is creating new podcasts.

In 2013, The Nosh Show was launched. Last year, Candyology 101 made its debut. This year, I’ve teamed up with the staff at What’s Good at Trader Joe’s to create Let’s Talk TJs!

Yes, just like Chips Ahoy! the exclamation point is required.

Let’s Talk TJ’s is a supplement to What’s Good at Trader Joe’s. In each episode they’ll talk about what new products they’ve seen in stores, products they’ve tried, and a bit of Trader Joe’s culture.

You can listen to the first episode RIGHT NOW by using the player below:

Links to all the products they talk about are available at www.letstalktjs.com/1/.

You can also listen by downloading the MP3 file or subscribing to Let’s Talk TJ’s on iTunes, Stitcher, or via RSS.

Thanks for listening!

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