WEEK IN REVIEWS – 12/26/2015

Reward for work: Blueberries

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow.

What do blueberries have to do with Christmas? It makes even less sense than last year’s Christmas time apple pie flavor. I mean, around here, blueberry picking season is July and August. Sure, the weather is weird nowadays, but by no means am I about to go blueberry picking.(via On Second Scoop)

The bottomline on this flavor is this: it’s basically a rice krispie treat ice cream and it’s incredible.” (via Grub Grade)

It was sweet and pungent, sort of like I was smelling coconut sunscreen – but in a good way.” (via Junk Food Guy)

Butternut squash does seem rather “harvesty,” but in actuality, it’s a winter squash. And when it’s parmigianafied and topped with crunchy amaretti, it’s downright delicious.(via What’s Good at Trader Joe’s)

Also, might I add that the red pieces look like aquarium pebbles and the green ones somehow bring to mind Bumble boogers?” (via Cerealously)

Image via flickr user @rsseattle / CC BY 2.0