PODCAST: Let’s Talk TJ’s! #21 Favorite Trader Joe’s Frozen Entrees

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In this episode the What’s Good at Trader Joe’s crew chat about their favorite Trader Joe’s frozen entrees. They also share some favorites from What’s Good at Trader Joe’s readers.

Links to the products they talk about are available at www.letstalktjs.com/21/.

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2 thoughts to “PODCAST: Let’s Talk TJ’s! #21 Favorite Trader Joe’s Frozen Entrees”

  1. TJ’s is okay for some things but in general I think it’s over hyped. Went there the other day and I walked five feet into parking lot and my bag broke. All my stuff rolled across the parking lot. I told customer service and they could care less. Offered me a free bag and I looked at them like “You wanna give me another bag? this one just broke after I walked five feet”.

    I enjoy some of their frozen foods though.

    1. Well, don’t keep us in suspense. Did you make it to your car with the new bag?

      Somebody always has to be on the wrong end of the mean-time-to-failure curve. Was it paper, plastic, or cloth? The cloth (canvas) ones haven’t failed me yet. Paper and plastic are iffy when loaded. Although once my backpack broke loaded with groceries…. That was fun. The replacement has lasted a couple of decades, though, loaded up with groceries every week.

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