SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mist Twst Lemon Lime and Mist Twst Cherry

Mist Twst Lemon Lime

Mist Twst Cherry

Don’t get your underwear in a twst. It’s just Sierra Mist with a new name. (Spotted by Adam S at Tops Friendly Markets and Grant at Walmart.)

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51 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mist Twst Lemon Lime and Mist Twst Cherry”

  1. Twist Mist reminds me of the Walmart Lemon Lime brand Twist Up, which is half the price…..poor marketing.

  2. Thanks for nothing, PepsiCo! The table sugar version of Sierra Mist was a Godsend for those of us with corn allergies.

  3. You did it again Pepsi. Took something good and screwed it up. I found diet mist is tolerable if you mix 1/3 manischewitz Concord grape to 2/3 mist twist. Still not as good as siera. No bite to the new junk.

  4. New Mist Twist is terrible. Switched to Sierra Mist because it was not artificially sweetened and no HFCS. Now looking for a new drink!

  5. I have been drinking sierra mist then twist for tears as a safe clear drink during my kidney disease then kidney transplant. Now they changed it and it tasts like crap with the hfcs instead of real sugar, No more mist twist for me and back to good old water with a slice of lemon.

  6. Sierra Mist was my FAVORITE pop. The new Twist Mist is TERRIBLY HORRIBLE and leaves a bad after taste in your mouth. You really shouldn’t have changed the formula. I drank a can of Sprite because I couldn’t find the Sierra and it tasted like chemicals and couldn’t wait to find my Sierra, only to become very disappointed. With all the other reviews I’ve read, it doesn’t look like I’m the only one who dislikes it. Sure hope you go back to the old formula. Drank the Twist 45 min. ago and the BAD taste is still on my tongue. Bad decision on your part. May never drink an u cola again.—- disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When Sierra Mist came out it was the best lemon lime soda on the market. Easily beat 7 Up with its inconsistent Kool Aid type taste. Also better than Sprite with its less than predictable taste. But then Sierra Mist started playing with its formula sneaking in new ingredients and calling a chemically processed sweeter that many are intolerant of a natural ingredient- pushing the boundaries of credibility. Pepsico forced me back to Sprite over a year ago- and I have no desire to go back to whatever they decide to calll Sierra Mist.

  8. The only lemon or lime I can taste is the peel. It’s not sweet either. I don’t it’ll change much when it’s cold.

  9. Besides the fact that most corn is now GMO, much less the HFCS crap that they make it into, I will NOT put any of this garbage into my body! What a travesty – take a natural product and bastardize it with GMO GARBAGE! OMG, What are you thinking – oh, pardon me, you ARE NOT THINKING – Someone needs to be fired on this fiasco!
    Bye, bye SM and Pepsi co.

  10. This is disgusting. Left such a horrible aftertaste after the first swallow or two, I couldn’t even drink the rest. Came on and looked it up and see 99% are not too happy, either.

    Well, ice cold spring water is better for you, anyway. Though I get nausea and it helped to sip this. Had to ruin something good, as usual.

  11. I’m down with all these very telling (and negative) comments. I used to be your best customer, Diet Sierra Mist. Drank at least a six-pack a day. Was I shocked when I couldn’t find it anymore; in a flash, it was off the shelves and nobody told me about it nor consulted my opinion. So then you bring out this train-wreck of a diet soda Everyone posting here and elsewhere seems to hate it.So who was the “improvement” for? The new stuff is flat, freezes too easily in my fridge, has a weird too sweet/non-sweet wobble going on for my palette, and leaves a fuzzy aftertaste like waking up with monkey-breath on your teeth. Need I say more? Bring back the original. I’m dyin’ out here….

  12. Pepsi wants to increase profits by back to using that poison HFCS because the stuff is dirt cheap. HFCS. BOYCOTT THIS DISGUSTING PRODUCT. And be glad you don’t own Pepsi stock. NEVER AGAIN.

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