WEEK IN REVIEWS – 2/18/2017

Pizza Stockphoto

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow of stuff we probably won’t try.

I popped a light sandwich disc into my mouth – HEAVEN.(via Junk Food Guy)

This basically tastes like fresh artisan bread from a good – not spectacular – bakery. Another good comparison is that last bite of pizza near the crust that only has a tiny bit of sauce lingering.” (via Junk Banter)

Wow, just wow. Look at all the little peanut butter bits everywhere. I adore a good peanut butter flavor and this one looks stunning.(via On Second Scoop)

What I can tell you is that this tarte is tasty. The crust is buttery and soft, and the filling is sweet and fruity. There are chunks of pears and, we assume, persimmons as well.(via What’s Good at Trader Joe’s)

The Shamrock syrup was good for the coolness of mint but not the actual taste of mint that you get with the Shamrock Shake.(via Brand Eating)