WEEK IN REVIEWS – 3/18/2017

Strawberry Shortcake

Here are a few product reviews posted this week from other blogs we follow of stuff we probably won’t try.

These smell exactly like what strawberry shortcake should smell like.” (via Junk Banter)

But if you’re gonna splurge and eat sugary sandwich cookies, these are the ones to reach for.(via What’s Good at Trader Joe’s)

The raspberry swirl is a thing of beauty. It’s what raspberry jam should be. Bright, fruity, slightly tart and it even has seeds in it!(via On Second Scoop)

Each one of these flavors tastes like it has a variation of pineapple in it’s base, and that’s boring for my palette.(via Sometimes Foodie)

Image via flickr user Edd Prince / CC BY 2.0