Method Sweet Water Aroma Ring

Meditation is something I try to do whenever I want to clear my mind, body, and soul. I’ll just sit on the floor with my legs crossed, close my eyes, inhale deeply, hold each breath for a moment, and then slowly exhale. Chanting sutras are optional…and so are clothing.

I like to call my quiet place, “solitary confinement,” because just like actual prison solitary confinement it allows me to spend time alone with myself and I get away from the daily anal raping, except anal raping to me is a metaphor for the daily grind, while for inmates it’s actual anal raping.

To get to my quiet place, I need to have optimal conditions, which is somewhat similar to the conditions needed for me to get down and shake my thang on the dance floor — a large open space, not much light, and a nice aroma in the air.

The first two are easy, because I live alone with the curtains always closed, but getting a nice aroma has been difficult to accomplish. I’ve tried obtaining meditating scents through the usual means, like incense, flowers, and cheap unemployed strippers, but I can’t light incense since I can’t have an open flame in my apartment, flowers are expensive to buy on a weekly basis, and cheap unemployed strippers quickly become employed again when they either work at another club or they decide to do porn.

A relaxing scent is essential when meditating because it’s hard to align my chakra when I’m smelling my own sweaty, deodorant-less, naked body. So over the past few weeks I’ve been trying the Method Sweet Water Aroma Ring while I meditate. It consists of a plastic ring that has slots for what Method calls a “fragrance disc,” which has a liquid fragrance that diffuses through a membrane. Think of it as aroma osmosis trying to cover up the stank that is my putrid body odor.

The Method Sweet Water Aroma Ring doesn’t need electricity or batteries to operate and it contains two fragrance discs, each of which lasts up to four weeks. If you live with a roommate who doesn’t understand the concept that higher humidity minus deodorant plus more sweat equals horrible stank, you can use two of the fragrance discs at the same time in the Aroma Ring and attach it around your neck, but for most situations, only one is needed. Additional fragrance discs can be purchased in packs of two for around five dollars.

The Sweet Water’s sweet floral scent was kind of awkward at first, but just like the aroma of my own poop, I got used to it. I also thought the Aroma Ring would make a wonderful car air freshener, but apparently its membrane hates the triple-digit temperatures that my car’s interior reaches while it’s parked in the sun. After several days in my car, the edges of the fragrance disc cracked, making it sort of look like the Eye of Sauron or the eye of one really stoned mofo.

While using the Aroma Ring during my hardcore meditation sessions I could smell its sweet scent as I sat in the middle of my darkened open space, but it wasn’t strong enough to overcome the other smells circling the room, like the frozen pizza I was baking in my oven and my sweaty, deodorant-less, naked body.

According to the packaging, the Method Aroma Ring works best in smaller rooms, like bathrooms, bedrooms, walk-in porn closets, or the secret little area you hide in whenever the police come knocking on your door. Since my meditation room is a medium-sized room, it probably wasn’t the optimal place for the Aroma Ring to do its thing.

Overall, I found that the Method Sweet Water Aroma Ring can’t provide me with a nice consistent aroma in my meditation room due the room’s size. However, the Sweet Water scent was pleasant after I got used to it and the fragrance discs lasted for a good amount of time. Personally, I think I need something with a stronger scent, because my sweaty, deodorant-less, naked body is pretty stank.

Item: Method Sweet Water Aroma Ring
Price: $8.00
Purchased at: Target
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Sweet Water scent was pleasant after I got used to it. Comes with two fragrance discs. No batteries or electricity needed. Fragrance discs lasts around four weeks. Biodegradable. Kid and pet friendly. No animal testing. If you’re French, instructions also come in French. Cheap unemployed strippers.
Cons: Pricey. Replacement fragrance discs are pricey. Not good enough for a consistent aroma while I meditate. Can’t use as car air freshener. Meant for smaller rooms. Scent not powerful enough for my stank body. Looks like something drunk dudes would hump. My stank sweaty, deodorant-less, naked body. Cheap employed strippers.

NEWS: Dawn Dishwashing Detergent Helps With Grease Cutting…And Now Cheese Cutting

Remember when Palmolive dishwashing soap was advertised to soften hands while you did the dishes? That was pretty much the extent of multitasking dishwashing detergents. All the others were just one trick ponies, because they were only good for washing dishes.

However, that has changed a little thanks to the new Dawn Simple Pleasures, which has an air freshener in the base of the bottle to help keep your kitchen smelling fresh and grease fighting Dawn detergent on top to give your kids a chore to do to teach them about responsibility, while you sit on the couch and watch TV.

Waterproof beads in the bottom compartment release appealing scents that cover your bad cooking or the flatulence caused by your bad cooking. It comes in three scents: Apple & Pear, Water Lily & Jasmine, and Lemon & Tangerine

I could see the Dawn Simple Pleasures as a bachelor’s dream, covering the stank caused by a few weeks worth of dishes in the sink. Of course, the bachelor’s rule of dishwashing is, “If it don’t stink, just leave it in the sink.” But thanks to the Dawn Simple Pleasures and its stank covering abilities, the rule may not need apply anymore or it may need a slight rewrite.

Perhaps, “If your plates have roaches scuttlin’, then it’s time to do some scrubbin’.”

[Site:] Dawn

Ikea Skyar Lamp

Oh yeah, baby.

Now that I’ve got an Ikea Skyar Lamp in my room, it’s now the perfect place for making sweet, sweet love. The glow from the handmade paper lamp sets my mood and my room for love, baby. It’s the perfect lamp for making hot, passionate love, because it looks like an erection with a condom that’s way too big for it, hence the wrinkling. Its metal shaft and metal balls…I mean base will make sure it stands up all night.

The lamp has three sockets to insert bulbs in, which aren’t included in the box, but putting two of them in gives enough light to set the mood for lovin’ and enough darkness to hide my face, which helps prevent you from realizing that you’re making sweet, sweet love to me.

Turning on the lamp is as easy as turning me on, baby. The switch is on the electrical cord and it’s a big switch, which makes it easy to instantly turn off the lamp, just in case you don’t like seeing the hairy forests under my armpits or around my C-3PO and my two R2D2s when we get down to our Adam and Eve costumes.

With only me, you, and the glow from the Ikea Skyar Lamp, the first thing I would do is lay above you and lick your eyebrows, like I was a cat cleaning your fur. Awww, yeah. You know you like that. Then I would work my way down your beautiful face to your luscious nose, licking the tip of it. Don’t worry, baby. I brushed my teeth AND my tongue.

From there I would make my way south to your lovely lips, kissing them ever so gently and then licking them so that I can taste the flavor of your lipstick. Then I would passionately bite your lower lip, slowly pull it away from you, let it go, and then bark once like a dog.

By this point, I know you want me, but I’ll keep the anticipation high and make you want me even more.

After your lovely lips, I would gently caress your Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, licking the observatories on each summit, making their telescopes extend. I’ll make sure that I spend an equal amount of time on each mountain, examining every inch with my famous French explorer, Captain Ton Gue.

Once Captain Ton Gue has spent enough time to create a topographic map of your mountain range, I’ll move down to find whatever treasures await me in that cave called the belly button…Unless it’s an outie.

In that situation, I’ll just head back north and spend a little more time in the mountain ranges, which will allow me to soak up more of the surrounding area, like the cleavage or armpits.

After exploring your belly button with Captain Ton Gue and removing whatever lint and dirt he collected on his uniform, I’ll move down to your Yosemite Valley. The first thing I would do there is admire your rock formations on both sides of the valley, then I’d clear some brush, if there is brush, and then I’d make my way inside your visitor’s center with Captain Ton Gue. While at your visitor’s center, I would also make sure to eat at your snack bar for 15 minutes or longer and try to make your earth quake.

Once I’ve had my fill, or once you’ve had your fill, I’ll let you do whatever you want with my big quill pen and two ink wells. I’ll just lay back and enjoy what comes to your mind. Hopefully, you don’t make my two ink wells spill before the real fun.

After that, if you’re ready, you can have me your way, just like Burger King. We’ll be all over each other like two wet towels in a dryer on high heat.

Then two or three minutes later, I’ll be done, which is the same amount of time it took for me to put the Ikea Skyar Lamp together.

Don’t worry, baby. I’m all about quality, not quantity.

Item: Ikea Skyar Lamp
Price: $9.99 (on sale)
Purchased at: Ikea
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: Frickin’ cheap, but looks slightly expensive. One of the nicest looking things in my apartment. Easy and quick to put together. The lamps glow is perfect for setting the mood for sweet, sweet lovin’. Big ass light switch on power cord. Eating at the snack bar in your Yosemite Valley.
Cons: Bulbs not included and must use a special type of bulbs. My inability to last longer than two or three minutes while making sweet, sweet love. Shipping it back to this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Double Zipper Ziploc Storage Bags

You know what I hate?

I hate having to sometimes stuff cocaine-filled condoms up my ass. It’s amazing that I can stick ten of them up there. Although they say the large intestine is about five feet long, so technically I could probably fit a whole lot more.

Each one is worth $10,000 and they’re around an inch and a half in diameter. It’s ALWAYS an adventure sticking them in there and it takes over an hour long to get them all in.

I’m sure there are easier ways to make a little extra money, like stripping or selling my body to middle-aged female Japanese tourists, but I think drug smuggling is a little more dignified.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Why don’t you use lubricated condoms?” Well you would think using lubricated condoms would make it easier, but they don’t. So I end up using KY Jelly…Lots of KY Jelly.

I don’t think you can imagine how many tubes of KY Jelly I have to go through. Basically, I just squirt the whole tube into a little bowl, dip the cocaine-filled condom into the KY Jelly like it was a Chicken McNugget, grab a mirror, squat over it, and hope I get it in during the first try. If I don’t get it in during the first try, then I have to try it again and hope that I don’t get KY Jelly on my fingers because if I do, it’s hard to get a good grip on each cocaine-filled condom.

There are many bad things about transporting cocaine this way. Like if I get caught smuggling the cocaine, then I’ll probably go to prison for a few decades and have to deal with things being stuck up my ass every day. Another bad thing is that I have to fast for a couple of days, so I won’t have any bowel movements. However, probably the worst part about transporting cocaine this way is being called “Guadalubbe” by the drug dealers and getting paid in cash and KY Jelly.

Of course, I try really hard to not mind the teasing from the drug dealers, because they’re paying me…and they have guns.

Because of all this hassle, I’m always trying to find new ways transport the goods.

Recently, I picked up the new Double Zipper Ziploc Storage Bags, hoping that I could transport the cocaine by taping the Ziploc bags to my body, instead of sticking cocaine-filled condoms up my ass.

Why didn’t I use regular Ziploc bags before?

Because sometimes if you’re not careful, the seal may fail…and maybe sometimes I like sticking cocaine-filled condoms up my ass and having them rub against my prostate gland.

Anyway, I did a variety of tests on the bags. Since I don’t have a Consumer Reports laboratory with precise equipment, I just made up a bunch of tests off the top of my head.

First, I did the “water test,” which involved me filling half the bag with water, sealing it, and then applying as much pressure as I could with my hands and arms. The seal didn’t break, so that was a good sign.

Next, I did the “garlic test.” This test called for a couple of tablespoons of bottled minced garlic placed in the Double Zipper Ziploc Bag and then sealed. It would pass the test if I couldn’t smell the garlic. However, it failed because I could smell the garlic through the double seals, which would be bad for a drug smuggler if there were any drug-sniffing dogs around.

Finally, I did the “whoopie cushion test,” which involved putting air into the bag, sealing it, and then sitting on it. When I did it, the seal didn’t break, but the bag itself did, which was actually a good thing because it showed how strong the seal actually was.

So after all the testing was done, I decided that the Double Zipper Ziploc Storage Bag wasn’t adequate to smuggle drugs with, mainly because of the “garlic test.” I decided to stick with shoving cocaine-filled condoms up my ass. However, the drug dealers I deal with got arrested and now they have to worry about having things stuck up their asses.

So now I guess I have to start selling my body to middle-aged female Japanese tourists for extra money.

Item: Double Zipper Ziploc Storage Bags
Purchase Price: $2.99 (Quart-Sized)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pros: Pretty good seal. Passed the “water test” and the “whoopie cushion test.” Prostate orgasms.
Cons: Not good for transporting cocaine. Didn’t pass the “garlic test.” Being called “Guadalubbe.” Prison.

Hefty Serve ‘n Store

After seeing how the Hefty Serve ‘n Store interlocking plates and bowls work, I now have a better understanding of how two adolescent teens with braces making out behind the library could easily get stuck together.

Unfortunately, the Serve ‘n Store plates and bowls didn’t give me a better understanding of how to separate two adolescent teens with braces that got stuck together while making out behind the library. I think only an orthodontist could help me with that.

The purpose of the Serve ‘n Store plastic disposable tableware is to allow you to serve, store, and eat leftovers. Every plate is a lid, and every lid is a plate, locking together like Legos or two adolescent teens with braces making out behind the library.

The whole plate-lid thing sort of confuses me, much like every time I see Latoya Jackson and wonder if it’s really Latoya or if it’s Michael with plastic surgery that makes him look black again. How do I know the lid is actually the lid and not the plate? Someone could easily flip it on me and mess with my mind.

Locking together the Serve ‘n Store plates and bowls are significantly easier than solving a Sudoku puzzle and they are also not as addictive to play with as Sudoku puzzles.

I found the Serve ‘n Store plates very convenient when I wanted to pack away food in single servings, but I also found them inconvenient because they weren’t microwaveable. I could serve, store, and eat food, but I just couldn’t warm it up.

However, after some extra research I found that I may not be able to warm up food with the Serve ‘n Store, but I could entertain with them. If you combine two Serve ‘n Store plates they make a decent frisbee. If you add some bells to your frisbee, it turns into a decent tambourine, and you can pretend to be Cher or any female singer from the 1960s or 1970s.

Besides not being able to put the Serve ‘n Store in the microwave, another thing that bothered me was the irritating sound that the locked plates and bowls made when pulled apart.

But I guess I should be glad that the irritating sound won’t make Biggie and Tupac want to roll over in their graves like Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album will.

Although when I added an 80s dance beat to the irritating sound, it sounded much better.

It also sounded better when I added an edgy rock beat and a weird house beat.

But the irritating sound became even more disturbing when I added an 80s dance beat, plus a video of me stripping.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Charlie Kondek from Hass MS&L for sending me the Hefty Serve ‘n Store to review.)

(Editor’s Note 2: Our friend at Cheap Eats also did a review of this product, which you can read here.)

Item: Hefty Serve ‘n Store
Purchase Price: FREE (suggested retail price $2.69)
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Convenient way to store stuff. Better than Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album. Combining two plates make a decent frisbee. Combining two plates and some bells make a decent tambourine.
Cons: Can’t microwave. Separating the interlocking plates and bowls causes an irritating sound. Ten-inch plates come in a 15-count pack, so one plate will be lonely. Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album. People who buy Kevin Federline’s upcoming rap album, all two of them, including his mom and Britney.