SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Quaker Bring Your Best Bowl Instant Oatmeal Finalists

Quaker Bring Your Best Bowl Instant Oatmeal Finalists

Yep. Nope. Maybe. Guess which response goes with which flavor. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Walmart.)

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10 thoughts on “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Quaker Bring Your Best Bowl Instant Oatmeal Finalists

  1. I would’ve ranked them exactly like the above comment. Never been a fan of Chai tea so Vanilla Chai sounded kinda meh and Apple Cheddar Rosemary just sounded gross for an oatmeal flavor. Figured I’d try them in reverse order of what I thought I would like and have been pleasantly surprised so far. Apple Cheddar Rosemary was weird but not bad at all. Vanilla Chai was really tasty. Trying Lemon Ricotta tomorrow so I’m hoping it’ll be even better than I was thinking it might be

  2. I have bias towards anything lemon, so that easily won for me. Vanilla Chai actually has the fewest number of ingredients by a country mile and is also quite tasty – the little spice with the vanilla is nice. The Apple Cheddar Rosemary is so weird that it actually kind of works. A home run of a promotion overall IMHO.

  3. I read the story behind the origin if the cheddar apple and rosemary idea…and to be honest? Sure… Why Exactly shouldn’t a flat bread idea don’t work with soats aka savory oatmeal or with any style of bread or waffle?
    I mean soats with cheese in it already exist and they are pretty, good if you don’t expect something sweet here.

    Long story short, I liked the idea and tried it immediately at home. I used apple juice for water tobsoak and cook the oats (though a slighty more bitter apple tea would have probably been the better choice), cooked the oats, added the rosemary and used sharped Gouda instead of cheddar (since it is easier to get Gouda here) and made the soats creamy.
    In my opinion it worked pretty well and the Rosemary and the cheddar were a great combination with the oats and the apple.

    Try it!

  4. I couldn’t get past the smell of the Apple Cheddar Rosemary. The Chai was eh-ok for me. The Lemon Ricotta Pancake is by far my very favorite. I bought a 2nd box, threw all the rosemary ones away and ate all the lemon ones!

  5. i’ve tried all 3. i would rank them LemonRP, Chai, AppleCR.

    the lemon ricotta came through nicely and didn’t over power the oatmeal itself but i couldn’t taste much “pancake.” i was able to eat the whole pack which is more than i can say for the other two. do note, i’m not a chai fan. its ok, but not my preferred flavor. there was good chai spice to the oatmeal one, but the vanilla hid behind the spice. i did feel like there was a weird texture, slimely-like almost. rethinking, all 3 had that slimey quality, but the chai’s was the most prevalent. Lastly, the Apple cheddar rosemary. surprisingly good apple cheddar but the rosemary was too much. thats all i could smell/taste for a while. the more bites i took the apple and cheddar peaked out but the rosemary was way too much. kind of a bummer.

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