FAST FOOD NEWS – Jack in the Box Croissant Donuts

Jack in the Box Croissant Donuts

Jack in the Box Croissant Donuts Closeup

Jack in the Box is currently testing their own version of the croissant-donut hybrid (otherwise known as the cronut) in limited locations. Jack’s Croissant Donuts are coated with cinnamon sugar, but sadly there’s no filling like the original cronut. It’s available for 89 cents for one piece and $1.99 for three pieces. (Thanks to Garrett in SoCal for the photos!)

Jack in the Box Croissant Donuts Price

FAST FOOD NEWS: Ben & Jerry’s Lazy Sunday and Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch Ice Cream

Ben  Jerry s Lazy Sunday Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Lazy Sunday

Ben & Jerry’s introduced two new Saturday Night Live-inspired flavors: Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch and Lazy Sunday.

Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch is made up of chocolate & sweet ice creams with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds, and a marshmallow swirl. It’s influenced by the SNL character, Gilly, a violent prank-happy schoolgirl. Lazy Sunday features vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces and a chocolate frosting swirl. The flavor was influenced by the popular SNL Digital Short, Lazy Sunday, which involves the two characters in the skit going to New York’s Magnolia Bakery and them macking on some cupcakes, because that bakery’s got all the bomb frostings. They love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling.

Ben  Jerry s Gilly s Catastrophic Crunch Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch

A 1/2 cup serving of Lazy Sunday has 230 calories 13 grams of fat, 8 grams of saturated fat, 20 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein. Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch has 250 calories, 14 grams of fat, 8 grams of saturated fat, 23 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein per 1/2 cup serving.

The flavors are Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops-exclusives and there will be two more SNL sketch-inspired flavors later this year. Oooh, I hope Dusty Muffin is one of them.

(Images via Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page)

FAST FOOD NEWS -Jack in the Box New Ultimate Cheeseburgers, Hella-peño Burger, and Breakfast Monster Taco

Jack in the Box New Ulitimate Cheeseburgers

Jack in the Box’s Ultimate Cheeseburger is a simple combination of meat, cheese, and bread, but now Jack is offering two new Ultimate Cheeseburgers that go beyond meat, cheese, and bread. The Jalapeño Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger also features a creamy ranch sauce and sliced jalapeños and the BBQ Ultimate Cheeseburger is also topped with BBQ sauce and grilled onions.

The Jalapeño Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger has 797 calories, 48 grams of fat, 21 grams of saturated fat, 3 grams of trans fat, 1783 milligrams of sodium, and 50 grams of protein. The BBQ Ultimate Cheeseburger has 806 calories, 45 grams of fat, 21 grams of saturated fat, 3 grams of trans fat, 1663 milligrams of sodium, and 50 grams of protein.

Jack in the Box Hella peno Burger

If you find yourself at a Jack in the Box, hella-drunk or hella-high and in need of lots of jalapeños, calories and sodium, Jack’s got you and your bloodstream covered with his Hella-peño Burger Munchie Meal. The burger is topped with stuffed and sliced jalapeños, a cheese sauce, and taco sauce, and like with all Munchie Meals the burger comes with two tacos, halfies fries, and a drink.

A Hella-peño Burger Munchie Meal has 1600 calories, 85 grams of fat, 24 grams of saturated fat, 2 grams of trans fat, 3644 milligrams of sodium, and 53 grams of protein.

Jack in the Box Breakfast Monster Taco

Want to start your morning with a fast food breakfast taco not from Taco Bell? Or do you want to start your afternoon or evening with a fast food breakfast taco not from Taco Bell? Jack in the Box will satisfy your breakfast taco cravings whenever they happen with their new Breakfast Monster Taco, which is basically this equation: (Jack in the Box’s Monster Taco – Lettuce) + Scrambled Eggs.

The breakfast taco has 324 calories, 21 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of trans fat, 668 milligrams of sodium, and 14 grams of protein.

FAST FOOD NEWS – Taco Bell Quesarito

Taco Bell Quesarito jpg

The Taco Bell Quesarito is a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla, and I really hope Taco Bell’s new quesadilla-burrito hybrid is the beginning of many more hybrid products with names that your smartphone wants so badly to autocorrect.

According to the L.A. Times, the burrito is available with seasoned beef ($1.99 SRP), shredded chicken ($2.79 SRP), or steak ($2.99 SRP), and also comes with Latin rice, chipotle sauce, and reduced-fat sour cream. The grilled quesadilla that’s wrapped around the burrito like an python is filled with melted cheese.

A Taco Bell Quesarito with seasoned beef has 650 calories, 34 grams of fat, 12 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fat, 1450 milligrams of sodium, 6 grams of fiber, and 22 grams of protein.

(Image via Taco Bell website)

FAST FOOD NEWS – Carl’s Jr. Bacon Ranch Fries

Carl s Jr Bacon Ranch Fries

Are you tired of opening ketchup packets for your fries? Your fries are not the boss of you! They don’t own you!

Well, tell those ketchup packets to “suck it” by ordering Carl’s Jr’s new Bacon Ranch Fries. The side item consists of Carl’s Jr.’s Natural-Cut French Fries topped with buttermilk ranch dressing an bacon crumbles. Sounds messy, right? I think the folks at Carl’s Jr. know that too because these dressed up fries come with a fork.

Carl’s Jr.’s Bacon Ranch Fries are available for a suggested price of $2.49 and it can also be ordered as an upgraded side item to any combo meal. Right now, if you visit you can download a coupon for a free small Coke with the purchase of Carl’s Jr.’s Bacon Ranch Fries.

FAST FOOD NEWS – TCBY World of Fro-Yo Flavors

TCBY Poster 2014 Flavor Indonesia Taro Final 2

TCBY Poster 2014 Flavor Japan Sesame Final 1

TCBY Poster 2014 Flavor Germany Lebkuchen Final 1

TCBY Poster 2014 Flavor Brazil Guanabana Final 1

Throughout the summer, TCBY is offering frozen yogurt that’s inspired by flavors from around the world. But if you blink, you might miss them. From May 22nd to June 4th, locations are offering Indonesian Taro froyo. Oh wait, June 4th. Today is June 4th. See, if you blink…

From June 5th to June 18th, the flavor changes to Japanese Black Sesame, a sweet, toasted-nut flavor with vanilla. German Lebkuchen (layb-koo-kehn) is inspired by the German cookie that combines spices like gingerbread and star anise, and it’ll be available from June 19th to July 2nd. Finally, from July 3rd to July 16the, TCBY locations will offer Brazilian Guanabana (gwuh-nah-buh-nuh) which brings together pineapple, banana, and papaya.