SPOTTED: Late July Snacks Limited Edition Green Goddess Tortilla Chips

According to Late July, these chips are made with whole ground yellow corn and seasoned with a touch of basil, a hint of garlic, rich parmesan, and the tangy kiss of lemon. (Spotted by Sarah R at Sprouts.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Late July Snacks Limited Edition Green Goddess Tortilla Chips”

  1. Green goddess salad dressing was a thing back in the 1970’s and maybe even into the 1980’s but then seemed to fade away. Most people buying these tortilla chips will have no idea what they are supposed to taste like, I suspect.

    1. Yup, exactly. Unfortunately, I’m clearly dating myself, here, but I’ll (very begrudgingly) admit that I was from that era. Heck, even though I was, I was still just sitting here trying to remember what in the world it tasted like! I’ve not had it, since I was a kid.

      1. Yep! And I couldn’t be happier. However…I’d say that from the descriptor Late July took liberties with “Green Goddess!”

  2. Tried em’ and Green Goddess they’re not. Late July used to be my favorite chips, until I opened my last bag of Party Sized Late July Lime Tortilla Chips and they were 1/4 full. I was Horrified. The price was NOT reduced. only the amount of chips. Then, on the same purchase, I bought a bag of my very favorites, the Late July Jalapeno Lime Tortilla Chips. The bag is Smaller and they’ve CHANGED the recipe. They are HARDER Tortilla Chips and GROSS tasting. Not good at all. Really, Really Disappointed in this company. I am now buying SIETE tortilla chips. MACH BETTER TASTING. Late July, you used to be my favorite. No More!! When you start cheating the consumers and putting cheaper ingredients in your products, you LOSE your loyal customer base. I will occasionally buy the Lime Flavored Late July Chips & the Chia ones, but ONLY if they are on a Good Sale. Otherwise, not even close to worth the money. And NO, I do not recommend these Green Goddess Late July chips either. Sounds good, but doesn’t go down that way. Thank you for reading my review.

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