SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Mystery Bunnies Flavored Marshmallows

Peeps Mystery Bunnies Flavored Marshamallows

I would very much like to know what zesty, salty, tangy, and savory Peeps taste like…and then spit them out. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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31 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Mystery Bunnies Flavored Marshmallows”

  1. I tried these yesterday, and what a letdown. I thought these would have different taste sensations varying with each peep. They all taste the same, which are white peeps flavored like standard artificial green apple. No “savory”, “salty” or “zesty” present. Why didn’t they just market them as white colored green apple peeps?

    1. Maybe it different in each batch? Like airheads mystery flavor and dum-dums they take leftover batches not adding color and call it a mystery.

  2. I’m tempted to try these. If I can find these in other outlets. Hopefully it not Wal-Mart exclusive. Cybelle from Candy blog will be happy to try these because she said she doesn’t really like the coloring in the sugar.

  3. If it is apple I will say that it would be a surprise. That is the last flavor I would have thought of.

    1. Adding:

      The price of Peeps has exploded the past few years.

      Not long ago I would find 3 tray packs for $1.00. Now it is one tray for .89.

      1. The reason why some of them are 1 tray as you describe them for 1 dollar is because those are the specialty ones dipped in chocolate. The regular ones like the one shown here is a full package for around a dollar still. I usually get one package before the holiday to have them on that holiday, and then stock up when they are on clearance.

  4. Bought these yesterday at Walmart. Very disappointed to find out they’re sour apple flavored. And not even a good sour apple – they’re really artificial. I love Peeps but I could only eat 2 of these, then threw the rest away. Too bad. 🙁

    1. I bought a 12 pack at Walmart yesterday for $1.00 as I love peeps. I did not like these at all. Actually I thought maybe they were sweet tart flavor but now that they said green apple I guess that is the flavor. I brought them into work to see if anybody here would like them I will stick with the regular peeps.

      1. I am getting a lemony pineapple taste. Liked them. Ate a whole tray but won’t buy anymore this year.

      1. Are you 100% sure they are sour apple? I didn’t know they announced the mystery flavor….. The ones I got didn’t taste like apple to me at all.

        1. I think the chicks and the bunnies are not the same flavor. So, Brittany said that she tried the chicks and I think it’s the bunnies that are sour apple. I can usually eat a package or two of peeps in one sitting, but one strip of these sour apples was enough for me. That’s a good thing I guess…

  5. I tried this product and it is awful….I could not tell you what they tasted like and was a big let down…I would never buy them again. The product is bad, bad….! I do not like buying anything that you don’t know the flavor and this product you can’t tell what it taste like because the whole pack taste bad….! This product will be in the dollar store selling for 10 for a dollar….!

  6. They smell just like the Jolly Rancher Green Apple flavored candies but the taste just isn’t there. They may have a bit of a sweet tart tang but no real green apple flavor.

  7. Just so everyone knows, they haven’t actually announced what the mystery flavor(s) are yet. So, everyone who is saying what flavor they are, are just guessing. They said that they will be announcing the mystery flavors on Friday! So everyone can keep guessing until then…!

  8. I loved the vanilla peeps from a few years back. I wish they would bring them back!

  9. The chicks a tropical fruit punch and the bunnies are sour Apple, I think they both are amazing

  10. We get the 12 pack for 50¢ so if they were not good we were not out much $ ..but let me tell you I like the sour apple flavor better than a regular peep or bunny.. My daughter was hoping each row would have been a different sour flavor but all in all not a bad buy for 50¢…

  11. Mystery flavor #1 is marshmellow, Mystery flavor #2 is coconut or pina colada, mystery flavor #3 is maybe sour apple

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