Vanilla Cream Slurpee May Cause Me To Cream

One of my all-time favorite Slurpee flavors is blue vanilla, but unfortunately I haven’t seen it at my neighborhood 7-Eleven for a very, very, WTF long time. I believe I haven’t seen because the Slurpee gods are punishing me for my regular routine of filling my Slurpee cup, then walking around the 7-Eleven, taking swings of it every so often while I check out the candy, soda, and the vast array of shitty magazines, and then going back to the Slurpee machine to fill it to the top again. But oh thank heaven for 7-Eleven, because they are introducing the Vanilla Cream Slurpee this month and I hope it tastes similar to my beloved Blue Vanilla Slurpee. If it does, my high fructose corn syrup intake will increase dramatically this month.

13 thoughts to “Vanilla Cream Slurpee May Cause Me To Cream”

  1. Mmmm….If you mixed those with orange crush you’d have a delicious creamsicle slurpee. Grape would also taste pretty good.

  2. Most likely it will be something that makes you cry yourself bitterly to sleep at night because it only vaguely tastes like the product that you once loved so dearly. 🙁 Luck be with you.

  3. Love the site and I have a suggestion for you to review. I have looked online for Pizza Hut (Pasta Hut) reviews but they all see fake and paid reviews. How about a real review from you guys? I have been too afraid to try the stuff and think you would be the perfect person for a “Real” review!

    Thanks and great Blog.

  4. We don’t have 7-11s in my city and I’m not sure if they have them in my state (Georgia, someone tell me if they know.) When we were little, my brother and I would see ads for slurpees on tv and see them mentioned on tv shows and be sad we could never have one. We were teenagers when we figured out they were just the frozen cokes that we could get at any gas station, but with a cooler name.

  5. @Chuck – If this is good, I will scream AND cream.

    @armauld – Nah, I’m a purist. No interflavor marriages.

    @Heidi – I cry myself bitterly to sleep every night. My tears are like warm milk.

    @avid reader – I’ve been eyeing those, but I’ve also been too afraid to try it because I may eat the whole tray in one sitting.

    @Jesse – I don’t think they’ll ever bump Coke, I think they’ve had the Coke flavor Slurpee at my neighborhood 7-Eleven for several thousand days straight. It’s like a vampire and will live forever.

    @Natalie – Well just think of all the HFCS you didn’t get to consume all that time.

  6. Did anyone here try this flavor yet? I literally across the street from a 7-11, so since it opened last year, I’ve been getting at least a Slurpee or more a week. The store I go to is usually good at getting new flavors on time right on the date it starts, but they haven’t gotten this one yet. I’m hoping to try it this week, though.

  7. @FOAME – I tried it yesterday. It’s like a cream soda in Slurpee form, but it didn’t really taste like blue vanilla. It was good though.

  8. See, Marvo! 🙁 Not like the original; so sad… Though I guess since you were already crying every night it didn’t really make a difference in the end?

  9. @Heidi – My constant crying is the reason why I sleep with plastic sheets.

    @dramastically – For you, yes, I meant “dramastically.”

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