NEWS: Naked Juice Introduces New Acai and Pomegranate Flavors

This week, Naked Juice introduced two new flavors to their lineup of smoothies and juices — Acai Machine smoothie and Pomegranate juice.

(Editor’s Note: Bah! It turns out that Naked Juice has an Acai Pomegranate juice, making the next paragraph incorrect.)

Naked Juice is coming late to the antioxidant party, since pomegranate was big in 2007 and acai was the shiznit in 2008. It makes me wonder if they’re only now putting up their Friendster profile. I guess late is better than never, but unfortunately for Naked Juice the kegs are empty and all the pizza is gone. Although being Naked Juice, they’re probably not into drinking beer and eating pizza.

But I think they might be into the stripper.

The Naked Acai Machine smoothie will have 178 acai berries in every 15.2 ounce bottle and also include the benefits of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, elderberry, beet, black currant and grape seed extracts. The Naked Pomegranate juice will contain 4 1/3 California pomegranates in each 15.2 ounce bottle.

The Acai Machine will retail for $3.79 and the Pomegranate juice for $4.49.

10 thoughts to “NEWS: Naked Juice Introduces New Acai and Pomegranate Flavors”

  1. Actually, Naked Juice has had a Pomegranate Blueberry for quite a while. May not be just Pomegranate, but they certainly aren’t late to the party.

  2. Am I the only one who has qualms about paying $4 for a drink that is a little larger than a can of soda? For that price, it had better taste like sunshine and get me drunk.

  3. For that price, it also better include a stripper on a pole. Speaking of that, I didn’t know antioxidant parties had strippers? I can see pizza and beer though, as that way the manufacturer could prove their products’ worth by “detoxifying” the guests.

  4. You know, I’ve avoided Naked Juice ever since that one time when I felt like I was being stabbed in the gut after I drank it. I really wonder what sorts of weird things they put in those drinks — I think they are secretly evil.

  5. @D – Does Friendster even exist anymore?

    @Orchid64 – I think it only works in European countries.

    @Anonymous – Dammit! You’re right. I should’ve done a little bit of research. It turns out that they also have an Acai Pomegranate juice. Thank goodness I’m not a journalist.

    @Red Icculus – But they taste like Mother Nature’s blood, sweat and tears. I buy these and the Odwalla beverages whenever I need to cram some fruit into my body.

    @Pomai – What kind of party doesn’t have a stripper? I’ve never been to a party without one. They are staples of parties, like cake.

    @Tara – I know. I was wrong and you were right. I seriously need a fact checking department.

    @Heidi – I like them because they make me feel like I drank an entire farm.

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