NEWS: Ziploc evolve Bags Are Eco-Friendly Until You Throw Them Away

The new eco-friendly Ziploc evolve sandwich and storage bags are made from a new resin that uses 25% less plastic than their regular bags, are manufactured using approximately 50% renewable wind energy and packaged in a 100% recycled box, with at least 35% postconsumer content.

While all of this might be fine and dandy to the casual environmentalist, the maniacal, Captain Planet costume-wearing treehugger would point to the fact that if these bags are so evolved, why is the E in “evolve” lowercase and why don’t they have powers like the characters on Heroes?

A level-headed (not crazy) treehugger who doesn’t dress up in tights and paints their skin blue would probably wonder why Ziploc didn’t do more, since most of their bags probably end up in landfills and are difficult to recycle because they’re made out of #4 plastics.

The Ziploc evolve bags seem like a step in the right direction, but it would be more impressive if all of their bags were made this way.

The bags are available in sandwich ($2.49), quart ($3.49) and gallon ($3.49) sizes.

4 thoughts to “NEWS: Ziploc evolve Bags Are Eco-Friendly Until You Throw Them Away”

  1. Seriously, I mean c’mon ziplock, what’s the crack? I mean if you’re only going to use 25% less then you might as well not even bother, 50% renewable? Reading this almost gave me a sad… If you’re going to attempt to man up and do somthing it should be worth doing well

  2. If they sealed, they might even be worth it, but they are total crap. Waste of money, because they are useless.

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