NEWS: Domino’s BreadBowl Pastas May Make You Forget About The YouTube Video of Stupid Domino’s Employees

Forget about the YouTube video of former Domino’s employees, Michael and Kristy. Forget about Michael sticking cheese up his nose and putting it on a sandwich he was making. Forget about Kristy reading Tori Spelling’s book, “sTori Telling.” Forget about Michael farting on a slice of salami. Forget about them being stupid enough to put it on YouTube for the world to see. Why should you forget all of this? Because Domino’s recently introduced their new BreadBowl Pastas, which look damn good.

They come in five varieties: Italian Sausage Marinara, Pasta Primavera, Chicken Alfredo, Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese and Chicken Carbonara. I’m sure these pastas are in response to Pizza Hut’s popular pasta lines. But the big difference between the two is that, while the Pizza Hut pastas come in aluminum trays, the Domino’s pastas come in a bread bowl, like it’s some fancy clam chowder.

Nutritional info is currently unlisted at the Domino’s website. But do you REALLY want to know? They’re available now and prices start at $5.99. For those of you who don’t want to carbo-load with pasta AND bread, the pasta is available bread bowl-free staring at $4.99.

For reviews of the BreadBowl Pastas, scroll down and read the comments.

19 thoughts to “NEWS: Domino’s BreadBowl Pastas May Make You Forget About The YouTube Video of Stupid Domino’s Employees”

  1. @Bear Silber: I don’t know. I’m trying to cut back on my fast food consumption. So I’m being selective with what new fast food products I review. But these look good, so maybe.

  2. These don’t even make sense; do people often eat bread and pasta together? I know spaghetti is often eaten with garlic bread, but…macaroni and cheese with bread? Alfredo of any kind with bread? Not at all, I’ve never heard of such a thing–and it really sounds soggy at best. I’d still like a review though, for either pleasant taste-surprises, or schadenfruede.

  3. My first job the chef was a nut. A guy sent back a hamburger. The chef removed 2 pickles and put 1 pickle on each of his nuts then went to tell the guy how sorry he was. The chef made the guy a new burger returning the pickles from his nuts to the new burger the chef brought it out to the guy and returned to the kitchen laughing his ass off. I was 16 and thats when i found out how the world really works and how people are. No thanks on pizza
    fart bowls.


  4. hmmm the delicate scent of nutritional irresponsibility…these might be good but I’m pretty sure that if you eat one of these, it will probably reduce your life span by like four years…

  5. @UltraMag: Most Italian restaurants give out bread so it makes sense with most of the varieties, except the mac and cheese.

    @Neil the hammer: That is why I never send food back to the kitchen.

    @Villain was born like this…: I’m hoping that Domino’s website updates soon because I’m kind of curious to know what nutritional facts are. I am betting it’s not going to be very good for me.

  6. Yeah regardless of those two morons it´s been years since the last time I ate dominos (the service is awful!!) and I won´t start eating there again because of these, breadbowls??? sounds like bad idea, pasta and bread are too heavy, my stomach gets upset just thinking about that combination.

  7. So then WHERE IS the pasta with clam chowder sauce bowl?!

    Not that I’d be interested in eating it, but it does seem natural that wherever there be a bread bowl there be some chowder to go in it.

  8. Marvo-lascivious, regarding your response to Bear Silber, you can still see Marvo Junior when you look down, right? Or is Mr. Tum-tum obscuring your view?

    I went to Domino’s website. You forgot to mention that the bread bowl pastas can be “customized” also. How does a combo of Philly steak and pineapple in tomato sauce sound to you?

  9. These bowls seem to ask the question, “How many carbs can we force someone to eat in one serving of food?”

  10. @Sass: The Pizza Hut pastas are also heavy and makes my heart beat faster.

    @orb205: Mmm…chowder.

    @grinder: If it sucks and I throw the rest away, then it will be a total waste of food. But if I give it to a homeless person, it’s not much of a waste.

    @Molly: Pfff…I can get sumo wrestler huge and I’ll still be able to see it…with the help of a mirror.

    @Chuck: I’m not going to find out.

  11. Tried the “Italian Sausage Marinara” one today and found it to be pretty decent. About the same if I made my own mostaccioli and threw sauce on it. The sausage was exactly what you would get on the pizza, but the bread fit this one pretty damn well. Was some mix between garlic bread/cheesy bread taste. Seemed like the bowl area was thinly coated with cheese so the bread didn’t get wet from the marinara. Was better for me in the end because I’m not a big fan of their pizza. I do admit, I don’t see me trying alfredo because I don’t like it anyway and the mac and cheese thing will probably appeal to kids and high school students.

  12. My family just had these bread bowls for dinner. My wife had the Italian Sausage Marinara, our daughter had the Chicken Alfredo, and I had a “Build Your Own” with Steak, Chicken & Mushrooms in Marinara sauce. The verdict: **8 1/2 out of 10.** The bread itself tasted like very lightly seasoned garlic bread, and the sauce and ingredients were excellent. Coulda used a little more meat, but the “bowl” was nice and full. We’ll probably get these again.

  13. Just tried the 3-cheese mac and cheese last night myself. The Bread was good, like a garlic bread as stated above, however there was VERY little sauce & pasta in it, maybe a cup if that. I was disappointed at how little sauce was actually in the dish itself.

  14. I had the pasta primavera one today for free, and it was definately enjoyable. I ordered it without the bread bowl, so it came in a foil tin. The portion size was pretty small compared to a typical restaurant serving, although perhaps as big as a lean cuisine. Taste-wise it was pretty close to the restaurant quality, with big props for using spinach alongside tomatoes and mushrooms. So without the breadbowl it’s more of a snack, and an expensive one at 6.99 normally. However, it is better than most of their pizzas.

  15. I believe that the pasta in the foil dish is a $1 less so it should be 4.99 or 5.99. My wife and I picked up a carbonara and an italian sausage and both were very good. Great flavor and plenty of pasta and meat. I couldn’t eat the whole thing but it is well worth the price!!!

  16. Tried the chicken alfredo in a breadbowl… It was my first time trying chicken alfredo ever and i found out im not a fan of it, but if thats the case i dont blame dominos 🙂 so im going to try the marinara today cuz i trust dominos to not be terrible 🙂 go dominos! Also im going to try it in the foil not the bowl cuz the bread was a little to sweet for my taste

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