NEWS: McDonald’s Looks To Dump Their Angus Burger Upon Us Nationwide

After being tested in California, New York and Ohio markets for more than two years, it looks like the McDonald’s Angus Burger will be expelled nationwide from the sphincter of McDonald’s test kitchens. According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, the one-third pound burgers made from 100% Angus beef could be excreted this fall or possibly during the summer.

The three Angus burgers currently being served at test markets are:

Deluxe – a burger with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and pickles

Mushroom & Swiss – a burger with sauteed mushrooms and tangy swiss cheese

Bacon & Cheese – a burger with cheese, bacon, red onions and pickles.

Each Angus burger will cost around $4, making it one of their most expensive sandwiches. It’s unknown whether the burgers will be a permanent menu addition or a product available for a limited time, like the constantly-resuscitated McRib.

Damn, I wish the McRib would just die already.

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[via GrubGrade and Chicago Tribune]

16 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Looks To Dump Their Angus Burger Upon Us Nationwide”

  1. My hubby had this burger while in Ohio. He got the mushroom swiss and said it was awesome! So McD’s actually made a good choice but again another fatten’ burger in the mix

  2. No One beats the whopper with cheese I get my with extra tomato and extra pickle. The frys you have to go to Mcdonalds. The next burger I order is from wendys a classic with cheese. last is mcdonalds. These new angus burgers I will try. Im sure I will find a free coupon somewhere.


  3. I haven’t had a McDonald’s burger for years. I like some of their other menu items but never been a fan of their burgers. I might give this one a try for the hell of it but I doubt it.

  4. Hmmm well angus does seem to be a long running trend in the fast food word, I’m just wondering why McDonald’s decided to wait so long before unleashing this next latest wave of artery clogging goodness upon us, the hungry masses. Hmmm I am kinda tempted by the bacon one though…..hmm

  5. Ahhh the good old angus, seems to be popping up everywhere, along with sirloin angus seems like the next logical choice, I’m sure these newest additions to the McMenu are stellar burgers and with the addition of a bacon and a mushroom and swiss option, one could assume that these burgers will be good eatin’….instant classics as it where…. I’m just wondering if it will be worth the extra money…

  6. @amanda: I am jealous of your husband.

    @Neil the hammer: I get my Whopper with no mayo, ketchup, extra tomatoes, extra lettuce, and pickles. They probably hate me at Burger King.

    @Bear Silber: I do remember the McDLT and I have that song set to be one of my ringtones.

    @Chuck: DO IT! I’ll review it and then you’ll be curious. THE POWER OF TIB INFLUENCES YOU!!!!!

    @lex: Dammit! I am jealous of your opportunity to eat the Mac Snack Wrap.

    @Shannon: I want all three and then heart medication.

    @Bunny: I want one now too, but I’ll wait like a good little boy.

    @Villain was born like this…: It’s pretty rare that McDonald’s introduces new products. They definitely aren’t like Jack in the Box, who seems to release a new product every month.

    @Woodenhand: I’ll pay the extra, if they’re good. So here’s to hoping they’re good.

  7. @Fontania: Sorry to disappoint, but the McDLT is not back.

    @Rpu: The McRib is all right, but the whole thing about it being discontinued and then bringing it back leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  8. Trust me…once you get your hands on one you will never look at those golden arches the same. You’ll taste one and wonder what the hell the other stuff on the menu is made out of.

  9. It’s been in CT and upstate NY for awhile. I didn’t like them. The meat was dry and tasted eh and the bacon is shit. McD’s bacon just cannot compete with BK and Wendy’s.

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