NEWS: Coconut M&M’s To Be Released This Summer Ensuring They Will Melt In Your Mouth AND In Your Hands

This week the National Confectioners Association has been holding their annual ALL CANDY EXPO in Chicago, or as I like to call it, The Potential To Gain 10 Pounds In 3 Days. While hundreds of new products were released from large and small candy companies, one of the products that caught my eye was Coconut M&M’s, which are scheduled to be released sometime this summer.

Coconut M&M’s will be a limited edition release, so if you enjoy them, hoard them like they’re Spanish gold doubloons. I won’t be partaking in them, since I don’t like coconuts and I’m still pissed about the discontinuation of Crispy M&M’s, so that means more for everyone else to stockpile.

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21 thoughts to “NEWS: Coconut M&M’s To Be Released This Summer Ensuring They Will Melt In Your Mouth AND In Your Hands”

  1. Bah, you get all the good stuff. I love coconut, but there’s very little chance these will show up on these shores.

  2. ohhhh yeah….i wanna try these!! I love coconut and chocolate mix. I already give it a good review without trying them. 🙂

  3. Yech, I, too, hate coconu–wait, they discontinued Crispy M&M’s?! OOOOOOHHHHHH

  4. They did discontinue crispy M&M’s?????? Well didn’t that just ruin my day 🙁

    I think I would like to try these.. I like coconut and love chocolate!
    yay.. target here i come! 🙂

  5. Wow that really grindz my gears man you had to bring up the discontinuation of crispy M&Ms…. sighs, what can ya do, I do like coconut and if I see em around here I will have to give em a try, man…. now I’m gonna be thinking about crispy M&Ms all day.

  6. I don’t like coconut and I don’t like M&Ms so…

    And what the hell are crispy M&Ms?

  7. I don’t like coconut in candy. It’s always all dry and gritty tasting. I do like it in booze and Thai soup.

  8. I didn’t know Crispy M&Ms were gone…why do they always get rid of the weird food I’m obsessed with??

  9. @Orchid64: What? You’re in Japan. You have access to so much awesome stuff, like chicken soup Pringles, yogurt flavored Pepsi, soy sauce Kit Kats, and the list goes on and on. I’m jealous, although I can buy a lot of that stuff via eBay or JList.

    @wouldibuyitagain: but would you buy them again? get it? Ha! I’m sorry, I’m so lame. 🙁

    @Bear Silber: I guess you’ll be one of the people who will be hoarding them.

    @amanda: Being a product reviewer, I cannot give things a good review without trying, but I can’t make fun of celebrities without ever meeting them.

    @maxchain: Yes, they discontinued Crispy M&Ms. There was a petition to bring it back, which I’m sure they will in limited edition form.

    @lex: I’m sorry I ruined your day.

    @Hobo with a Shotgun: All you have to do to relive Crispy M&Ms, is to get some rice crispies and some plain M&Ms, pour them both into a bowl and enjoy.

    @Carol: Crispy M&Ms were M&Ms with a piece of rice crispies cereal in the middle of it. Think of it as like a Nestle Crunch bar in M&Ms form.

    @grinder: What about Thai curry? I think that’s the only way I eat coconut.

    @Dana: I wish companies would get rid of foods I am obsessed with, like Big Macs, because I wouldn’t know what to eat and I would probably end up eating fruit.

    @Alix: I think those were limited edition, but I hope they bring them back because they were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

  10. coconut MMS wow do I hate coconut In Vietman the The monkeys would throw coconuts at us in the jungle and the would point their penis at us from the tree tops and piss at us those little bastards could piss for a least 45 sec.
    The ony thing worst then coconut mms would be monkey flavor.


  11. I didn’t know they discontinued crispy M&Ms! They were my favorite. **Sigh**

    So they discontinue crispy M&Ms, which is a candy that actually make sense, in favor to release Strawberry Peanut Butter M&Ms in honor of the new Transformers movie. I saw them at Target the other day. I don’t know what kind of flavor experience the makers of strawberry peanut butter M&Ms was going for, but I’m going to pass.

  12. These really sound delicious. I used to hate coconut, but it has really grown on me (actually, there’s not much I don’t like these days, maybe that means I’m getting old). I’ve liked limited edition M&Ms in the past (including Crispy Mint and the recent Strawberried Peanut Butter) so I will look out for these. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. @Neil the hammer: I didn’t know monkeys had huge bladders.

    @Rachel: I haven’t tried those new M&Ms either, but it seems like all my other fellow product review bloggers have.

    @Deb: You’re welcome! I agree, those Crispy Mint ones were good.

  14. Coconut M & M’s rock! tried ’em, love ’em. Want more!!!!! I want to make a chocolate cookie loaded with them! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. We still have Crispy M&M’s here. According to the packaging, they’re made in Australia.

  16. The Coconut M&Ms are awesome. I’ve had them one time and when I returned to buy more, they were all gone. Sold to the stomachs of some other coconut-m&ms-loving-7/11 patron. Don’t worry about the crispies; I’m sure they’ll be back… you know how tricky these big business ventures can become…

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